Today marks a important milestone in gap intelligence's history. To celebrate, let's start by going back…wayyyyy back to March 2003. Apple is gearing up to launch iTunes. The Human Genome Project is one month from being complete. 50 Cent is bumpin' on the radio stations. Nemo is being found and the King is about to Return. And in San Diego, a little company called gap intelligence is born. We've believed in Doing Great for each other, our clients, and the community from the very beginning. Turning sixteen is a major milestone and it's only appropriate to pause and reflect.


We Passed Our Driver's License Exam!

Over the last 16 years, gap intelligence has evolved from a small start-up tracking 4Ps information for the printing and imaging industry to a established business covering over 25 categories across multiple industries. That's more than 5 million data points a week! It's been a whirlwind since those early days when collecting in-store pricing meant printing lists of products and price points in the tiniest of fonts, gluing it into a notebook, and lugging it to a retail store. Today, our mobile retail application allows collectors across the US to efficiently and accurately gather product placement, pricing, and promotional data in all major metros.


In the amount of time it takes to earn a driver's license, we've also built our own web crawler to monitor online reseller activity, an API to deliver this data seamlessly to our clients, a great freakin' database that stores all this goodness, and a Dashboard where our customers are able to interact with the data and build customized reports. Whew! And that's just the beginning. We've got all sorts of internal tools, as well, that range from managing season tickets to tracking reviews and goals. From a product and services standpoint, gap intelligence continues to grow and adapt. Have ya heard about our new MAP and UPP service, Lookout?

Time to Celebrate and Do Great!

While the way we collect and deliver the data has changed, what hasn't changed is our why. Way back when Gary started gap intelligence, he wanted it to be "a truly unique organization that inspired people to do great things." This mission to Do Great is what has always and continues to fuel us on a daily basis at gap intelligence.  

website evolution

What does Do Great mean exactly? Glad you asked. gap intelligence Does Great in three main ways. First, we Do Great for our each other by living and breathing a high-five cultivation culture. We also focus on Doing Great for our clients by addressing their needs and solving their problems. Lastly and equally important, we Do Great for our community by living our values and inspiring others to do the same (especially through our golf tournament #Drives4Rides)!

Happy Birthday to Us!

As we celebrate our sweet 16 and reflect on how we got here, we raise our glasses to all those who have helped gap intelligence along the way. Without you, we definitely wouldn't have our REAL ID. So cheers to you our FOGs (friends of gap), WOGs (wives of gap), HOGs (husbands of gap), POGs (pets of gap), our COGs (clients of gap), and cheers of course to us EOGs (employees of gap)! We promise to never stop evolving, never stop solving problems and providing solutions, and most importantly, to never stop Doing Great.

Here's to another 16+ years!

Do you have what it takes to be a gapper? Head over the careers section at to learn more about open positions. Find more info the bottom of our about page.