For the second consecutive year, gap intelligence was a finalist as one of San Diego’s Best Places to Work, a recognition given by the San Diego Business Journal.  Being a great place to work has become second nature to us here at gap intelligence (kind of like breathing) and being recognized for our efforts is always fun.

While it may be easy to praise the management team for building a great working environment, the little known secret about building great places to work is that it really takes a village to create one.  Every member at gap intelligence helps us be one of the best places to work in San Diego every day.  Great places are not built with giant walls, but with little blocks that are accumulate every day.  A “hello” here, a laugh there, a helping hand when a teammate needs it – every action helps build our great culture.

For gap intelligence, a great work environment is built on a foundation of culture and that starts in our hiring process.  We look for ten core qualities in our candidates during the interview process and only hire those who share these essential attributes.  We call these attributes “gap’s Core”.

1)      Willingness
2)      Passion
3)      Accountability
4)      Knowledge
5)      Confidence
6)      Likability
7)      Respect
8)      Maturity / Self Presentation
9)      Trustworthiness
10)   Ability to Deliver Feedback


We understand that no one is strong in all 10 gapCore attributes, but gap intelligence team members at least possess them.  We also make it a point in our quarterly and yearly reviews to strengthen the attributes we are weak in and get even stronger at our best qualities.

There are lots of other reasons why gap intelligence is a great place to work.

We have our own University (gapUniversity).
We host a conference that celebrates ourselves (gapCon).
We have our own charitable mission that gives back to our local community. (3Ts)
We have fun.

And it all starts with our people, who are truly gap’s Core.