gap intelligence is proud to announce that we have been listed as one of Inc Magazine’s Top 5,000 privately owned companies in America.  This is our second consecutive placement on the list and in 2012 we kept a place with the top half of those companies at #2,052.

While some may frown at placing #2,052 on any list, the ranking is another proud moment in this company’s close to ten year history.

Our celebrated successes are not based on a proprietary algorithm or on the narrowly focused vision of an eccentric CEO (eccentric, yes).  Instead, our successes have been achieved through a philosophy that stresses that a company must first define its own being (its heart) and build around that to find long term value and growth.  The heart of our business is our culture, which is defined by our “Why?”

We are a values-led company.
We care about ourselves, our clients, and our local community.

You can see this mantra on the back of our business cards and more clearly defined on the “Who we are” section of this website.  You can also read more about our culture here:
gap intelligence culture, our Why.

Culture can only exist through the collective efforts of a wonderful team and the team at gap intelligence is truly our greatest asset.  The people of gap intelligence (or gappers) all possess a core set of qualities that we search for when hiring and instill with every new team member.  We call these qualities the gapCore.

1)      Willingness
2)      Passion
3)      Accountability
4)      Knowledge
5)      Confidence
6)      Likability
7)      Respect
8)      Maturity / Self Presentation
9)      Trustworthiness
10)   Ability to Deliver Feedback


Only through our team can we build a strong company culture and foster a work environment that is truly special.  It is by no coincidence that gap intelligence has been named one of San Diego’s best places to work for two consecutive years: San Diego’s Best Places to Work!

Combined, our culture and people are the engine that powers our business and the services that fuel the revenues that make us one of the fastest growing companies in the country.  Those services are the “thing we do” or as defined by Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” – our hedgehog.

A company’s hedgehog is that one thing that it does better than anyone else in the world and serves as our economic engine that drives revenue growth.  While Herbie the Hedgehog is gapUniversity’s mascot our business hedgehog is a bit more formal:

“Providing timely and accurate industry vitals in actionable solutions.”

So what does that mean?  It means that gap intelligence is the very best at collecting a LOT of vital data and presents it in ways that brings that information to life.  Our elegantly crafted hedgehog gives us a lot of flexibility for growth.

We are not limited to covering only the IT world.
We are not limited to covering only the electronics world.
We are not limited to covering only the United States.
We are not limited to presenting our information in spread sheets and web applications.

Powered by our culture and our people, gap intelligence’s hedgehog is going to take us to new places in 2013.  You’ll see us in new categories and new places around the world.  You’ll also see our data in ways you never thought imaginable and we’ll give you the tools to find the answers to questions that have never been asked before.

Our culture and people powering our hedgehog.

Inc Magazine will find us again in 2013.  I can’t wait to show you.