State of the Wrist Wearable Market

Insights Into the Key Wearable Trends & Opportunities in the Channel

Thursday May 12th at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

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The smartwatch and activity tracker industries are growing at a rapid pace, creating an opportunity for wearable market players to establish early dominance and capture lasting market share. This growth is also bringing an evolution in manufacturer and merchant strategies, making an accurate and current understanding of the direction of this category crucial to channel execution.

In gap intelligence’s State of the Wearable Market webinar, market analyst Jackson Somes will explore the strategies being applied by the market’s current and emerging Wearable leaders with insights into:

  • Wearable Merchant Assortment Trends
  • Wearable Brand Distribution Strategies
  • Pricing and Promotion Activities and Opportunities
  • Leading and Emerging Technologies and Segments