gap intelligence turned 11 this month.  Being 11 is a BIG Deal.  Birthdays are a time to celebrate and also a time to reflect. At gap we know how to work hard, but more importantly we know how to play even harder.  We decided to toast ourselves at Modern Times Brewery in Point Loma in celebration of us! There was cake. There was beer. Herbie was even in attendance. As I stood and looked around the room I couldn’t help but think about my journey in becoming a proud gapper.

My journey started on October 23, 2009. It was a Friday. I remember sitting at a desk with a mix of emotions swirling in my head. I was nervous, excited, and a little scared. gap intelligence was my first “big kid” job after graduation from UC Santa Barbara. It was overwhelming to try to step into my friend’s shoes who recommended me as his replacement as a Research Assistant.  I didn’t want to make him look bad. I wanted to be a superstar.

It took me a solid six months before I had any idea what I was really doing. A few helpful trainers took me under their wings and showed me the ropes. Learning the ways of Excel formulas started out quite daunting. Fast forward to present day, they are now second nature.

Over the last 4 ½ years my role at gap has changed quite a bit, and I have worn many different hats. In fact, I have even worn “crazy” hats during gapU Spirit Week. Celebrating gap’s birthday was a trip because I remember when the entire company fit into a small office downtown. As we have grown to a company of 35 employees it’s kind of wild to think about how much has changed over the last few years. I can’t even imagine how much it blows our CEO and VP’s mind when they take a second to pause and look back on where we started and where we are headed.

No matter how big we get I know that we will take a moment to celebrate ourselves every March.  Candles will be blown out and wishes for another successful year will be made. CHEERS to us and this milestone! Happy 11th Birthday, gap intelligence!