The core of gap intelligence’s strategy and value proposition is to provide our clients with timely and accurate industry vitals in actionable solutions. Our Market Intelligence services are our clients ‘Eyes and Ears in the Marketplace,’ covering each week’s most important news and events so they are never caught off-guard.

Our Pricing & Promotions Reports are our clients’ ultimate resource for product, pricing, promotions and placement data, known within gap intelligence as GFD due to its accuracy and timeliness. However, we don’t stop just there. We bring this data and intelligence to life with our gapConsulting services. gapConsulting is the third component of the gap intelligence Competitive Intelligence service, leveraging our expert analysis to add value to the aforementioned information and data reports.

Questions and Answers

Over the years, gapConsulting has emerged as one of the most popular components of the gap Competitive Intelligence services. Looking at the last 12 months, gap intelligence analysts handled a total of 429 inquiries covering a wide range of topics. I took a closer look at what types of questions and requests our clients asked us during this period.

gapConsulting Inquiries

Your Eyes and Ears

What I found were true examples of our clients taking advantage of access to the gap intelligence team as an extension of their own market research team.

  • The most frequent requests unsurprisingly involved ‘explaining the why’ behind our clients’ channel wins and losses.
  • We also fielded numerous requests to provide deeper insights into competitive products or competitor performance.
  • Our clients also commonly came to the gap intelligence analyst team for category and market recaps, such as year-in-review reports or analysis on major selling periods.
  • We’ve seen some important acquisitions in the tech industry and clients came to us asking what the events’ implications were.
  • Client needs on researching end-user preferences are addressed by leveraging analyst network and connections to the channel and industry experts.
  • In addition, we often hear clients ask for “gap intelligence’s opinions” with requests for  demand forecasts, market size estimates, outlook on product segments, expectations for a specific product’s performance, etc.
  • Some clients have also brought their hypothetical strategies to analysts to validate their product and go-to-market strategies.

Regardless of topic, our most effective clients know the importance of leveraging their available gapConsulting services to support their strategy and execution and allow their teams to focus on their core business. I trust this blog provided you some fresh ideas for your next gapConsulting inquiry.

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