At gap intelligence, it sometimes feels like we are speaking our own language. When you first arrive you will likely hear people throwing around all sorts of crazy words and acronyms like, “Upload your gfd into the gfdb and look out for bfd!” You will probably smile and nod as if you know what they are talking about, all the while you're actually secretly waiting for a discreet opportunity to ask someone what the heck is going on. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and I’m here to help! Below you will find a useful glossary of some common terms, phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations heard around the office.

gap People and Values

  • gapper (noun): a person who not only works at gap intelligence, but lives by our core values – transparency, willingness, ownership, professionalism, and passion. A gapper also has an affinity for GFD (we’ll get to this one) and generally loves snacks, puppies, and/or gappy hours (more on this shortly).
  • TWOPP: a useful acronym to help you remember our core values (transparency, willingness, ownership, passion, and professionalism).
  • Hedgehog (noun): while traditionally known as a small, adorable, prickly rodent, at gap, our hedgehog is that thing that we are best in the world at – "providing timely and accurate industry vitals in actionable solutions" (inspired by “Good to Great” by Jim Collins). Our hedgehog may also refer to our adventure loving mascot, Herbie (see our social media channels for more).

Herbie and Donuts

  • gapify (verb): when a gapper takes an average, every day word, activity, idea, etc. and tweaks it to align with gap culture.
  • gappy (adjective): happy
  • gaptastic (adjective): fantastic
  • gappy hour (noun): a gap-specific happy hour, similar to a normal happy hour, but gapified.

gappers gappy houring

Data Driven Lingo

  • GFD (noun): Great. Freaking. Data. The bread and butter of gap intelligence, gappers are passionate about providing our clients with the most accurate, timely, and consistent data available.
  • BFD (noun): bad freaking data, it’s real, it’s out there, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for it here at gap intelligence. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • gfdb (noun): great freaking database, this is our gapified database built by our genius dev team, used to store and help us report all of our powerful gfd.


  • gAPI (noun): our gap-specific API that allows our clients to plug directly into our gfdb to access our gfd in real time.
  • gapDashboard (noun): another great option for our clients looking to access market intelligence reports and create custom trends and downloads with our GFD, a sort of choose- your-own-data adventure if you will.
  • gapTCO Pro (noun): a specialty tool that allows our clients to quickly and easily analyze the true Total Cost of Ownership of printer and copier devices in head-to-head scenarios.
  • gapCompare (noun): a specialty tool that provides side-by-side analysis of product specifications and current competitive pricing for an unlimited number of printer and copier devices.
  • Data Center (noun): our online library of all of our market intelligence and pricing and promotion reports (bonus acronyms- MI and P&P reports).

Around The Office

  • gapU (noun): our internal team that organizes educational classes and sponsors our wellness initiatives for all gappers. gapU also includes a career development program consisting of courses in leadership, management, and strategic thinking (gapMBA).
  • 3Ts (noun): our philanthropic committee dedicated to serving our local community; the three Ts specifically stand for Time, Talent, and Treasure. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next years’ annual Drives for Rides Golf Tournament benefitting the Emilio Nares Foundation, May 4, 2018 (shameless plug, May the 4th be with you)!
  • gapCon (noun): gap intelligence’s annual conference that showcases our people and work, while celebrating our unique culture promoting our professional growth through collaborative learning.
  • Snack Attack (noun): this may sound obvious, but it is VERY specific. At 11 a.m. sharp every Wednesday the work day gets put on hold and the team gathers around (read: races over and aggressively lines up) for snacks served on the designated “snack attack table.”


Pumpkin Spice Themed Snack Attack

That's Not A Real Word

  • Clientize (verb):  when we turn raw, working data into beautiful, easy to use reports for our clients (as I am typing this, the computer is trying to tell me that clientize is not a real word, but the heck with that red squiggly line).
  • Calc (verb): when a gapper runs excel formulas and the excel magic happens

More Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • DC/DVC (noun): short for our digital camera and digital video camera services
  • OTR (noun): short for our over the range microwaves service, of course.
  • Consumed (noun): Ink, toner, and paper, obviously. (Hint: consumables (ink and toner) + print media (paper))
  • CPP (noun): cost per page, if you take all the consumables required to print, depending on the device (bonus: there can be more than 20!), and their stated yield and divide that by their cost, that will technically give you a CPP… But that doesn’t take into account actual printing environment… you guys Melissa is still explaining this to me… Got it? Good. Printers, man.
  • CPC (noun): committed click charge per printed page for a copier contract (ok, that one isn’t so bad, but seriously printers, copiers, and consumables have their own language).


  • CBo: Senior Industry Analyst Christine Edwards (formerly known as Christine Boersing)
  • Springy: Chris Springfield, Global Sales and Business Development (cool guy Chris)
  • TYO: Tom Young, Senior Director and Business Development (protector of slack channel content appropriateness)
  • Dre: Senior Industry Analyst Deirdre Kennedy (our very own Dr. Dre)
  • MoNation: Michelle Nation Director of Product Management (now also known as MoMonaco or MoNationMonaco)

2016 gappy Holiday Party

I hope this list will help friends of gap intelligence, new gappers, and even seasoned vets like myself decode the ever catchy and sometimes confusing language of gap intelligence. So get out there and pursue all the GFD and we'll catch you at the next gappy hour!