One of the things that I’ve learned while at gap for the past two years is that it’s not just a company that cares about pumping out the best data around. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog you may have been here before and read some of my fellow gappers talk about this awesome company, full of awesome people who are insanely invested in striving toward bettering ourselves, our data and the community around us whenever we can. In other words, what sets gap apart from other companies is the culture we’ve created that is so crucial to everything we do. Trying to sum up that culture in one blog post is way too great a task so instead I’ll focus on one component of it, gapEducation.


gapUniversity logo What is gapEducation you ask? Well, it’s part of our gapUniversity where gap employees or outside speakers take time out of their busy week to talk to the company about something they're passionate about. Topics vary from passions outside the office such as fishing, photography and nutrition to passions gappers pursue at work including recently launched categories, initiatives and a career development program. At the end of the day, gapEducation is a chance for us to take some time and learn from each other, leading to a strong community within gap that understands that everyone can bring something exciting and interesting to the table regardless of position or department.

Terrarium buildingTerrarium building

A Sampling of our Curriculum

A few classes that have been taught through gapEducation include:

  • A panel discussion with local SD journalists who discussed and offered insights into reporting in today’s era of journalism.
  • Intro to Coding with César Camacho, Senior Development Manager. César gave gappers some insight into the fundamentals of coding in Ruby, and let us get a sneak peak into the world of our developers.
  • Liquor Infusion with Matt Altmetz, Data Specialist. We spent some time learning how to infuse different alcohol with tasty flavor combinations such as tequila and jalapeño.
  • Photoshop 101 with Eric Gomez, Senior Application Designer. We got familiar with some tips and tricks of photo editing from a pro.
  • Terrarium Building with Christine Boersing, Industry Analyst. We spent an afternoon creating different terrariums with succulents to decorate our office desks and exercise some creativity.
  • BBQ Essentials with Gary Peterson, CEO. Earlier this month our CEO Gary taught a really informative class on the essentials of BBQ, which included people breaking into teams to make dry-rubs for meat that was tasted the next day at a company-wide BBQ.

Gap Intelligence BBQ prep

Upcoming gapEducation

Upcoming classes also include learning how to best leverage our data using powerpivots in our workflows taught by Hayley, an associate analyst at gap. We have about two to three classes a month as part of our continuing efforts to educate ourselves and learn about each other in fun, dynamic ways. All in all, gapEducation is just another reason why it's so much fun to be a gapper!