As you may have read in Product Analyst, Erin Vogelsanger’s 3T’s post, there are many awesome events that the 3T’s have organized throughout the year for gap to give back to the community by giving our time, sharing our talents, and donating our “treasures”.  A handful of Gappers recently tied up their laces and rolled up their sleeves on a cold and rainy Saturday morning and hit the beautiful beaches of Sunset Cliffs! gap intelligence teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter and spent a few hours picking up trash.  It felt great to contribute to a cleaner Earth, nobody likes a dirty beach!

The Surfrider Foundation supplied gloves, buckets, and trash picker-uppers and in just a short amount of time, the team filled up over six buckets of bottles, cigarette butts, cans, glass, and all sorts of other trash! 


We were awarded with hats, stickers, and Cliff Bars for all of our hard work. It’s safe to say that Gappers are now Ocean Minded!


Check out our facebook page for more fun pictures and to stay updated on future 3T events!  Next up, San Diego Food Bank!