If you have read any of the other blogs for gap intelligence, you will see that we have it pretty good.  We have fun days at the Del Mar races, gapU events, golf tournaments and so much more!  However, life isn’t all beaches and sunshine all the time here in San Diego.  Here are a list of hardships we face in our Liberty Station office, or as us gappers like to call them:


You attend a gapU picnic but you’re a redhead and get sunburned because you forgot to put sunscreen on.

Beer Friday rolls around and all the home brews already got drank.

5 minutes late to snack attack and Jake has already eaten all the good stuff.

You want to put something in the fridge and its a terrible game of Jenga.

You try to grab a couple paper towels but end up with 50 because the dispenser is broken.

You lost your shoes somewhere in the office and can’t find them, and they are perfectly broken in Rainbows!

You want to ride the beach cruisers, but someone else is already on them.

The water cooler is empty and you are sooooooooooooooo thirsty.

It’s not windy enough to fly a kite.

The bathroom sink counters are always wet.

The front door won’t stop clicking.

The line at Tender Greens is 10 miles long and all you want is a delicious Albacore hot plate.

You go to Con Pane on Wednesday, and they’re closed.

You need to stop by Trader Joes to grab a quick snack and the High Tech High School kids are on their lunch break.

Starbucks is out of your favorite bold roast.

The ping pong room is occupied.

So even though it seems like everything is great all the time, gappers have problems too.