One of the biggest time-sucks out of any gapper’s day is the dreaded full-calc of a large file. Depending on the file it can take anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour, and during that time a gapper is left wondering what to do while they wait – and pray – for the calc-ing to finish. At the end of last quarter, I was fortunate enough to get one of these long calc-ing files, and had to spend some time keeping myself from losing it at my desk. Below is my go-to guide to keep gappers occupied during the many stages of a full-calc:

Start by spending quality time with the high schooler’s in the courtyard

Lip-sync your favorite songs at your desk

Gracefully beat a coworker at ping pong

Take a bath

Still not done calc-ing?

How about…you grab some food from the kitchen?

Or learn a new trick

Become invested in sports

Get to know a new coworker…

…and then engage them in a staring contest

The file still hasn’t finished? Don’t panic!

If you’re getting antsy, try rolling around

Help someone with their groceries

Use a common item around you to distract you

Show off your dance moves

Find a hill to sled down

Only when you’ve reached your breaking point, resort to the following:

Space out at your desk

Think of something you’d rather be doing

Wallow in self-pity

Attempt an escape out of the office

Whatever you do, don’t come up with a brilliant plan to destroy your computer

Wait, it finished calc-ing?

Take this moment to realize that your future suddenly looks a lot better.