Alright gappers, 2015 is in full swing and in case you haven’t checked the calendar, March is fast approaching! You may be wondering to yourselves, “How can I be an even more awesome gapper than I already am, and live each day to the absolute fullest?” Well I’m here to answer that question for you, with the gapper’s guide to the National Days of March!

There’s pretty much a National Day for everything and I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the most gap-ified days of March that I implore every gapper to try to celebrate:

To start off, March 2nd is National ‘Old Stuff Day’. This holiday is meant to inspire you to break your old day-to-day habits by trying something new. Maybe today you drive to work through a different route, or pick up something you’ve never tried for lunch, or finally wear that hat you never thought you could pull off?

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March 3rd is National ‘I Want You to be Happy Day’, a day dedicated to making others around you feel as awesome as you do! So get out there, gappers, and buy your fellow gap buddies some coffee, leave a present at their desk, take them to lunch, or tell them that they are freakin’ royalty!

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Hopefully everyone is already aware what March 4th is… but in case you’re not a breakfast lover, it’s National ‘Pancake Day’, of course! Get your grub on, gappers!

Homer MMM pancakes

March 6th is National ‘Employee Appreciation Day’! Today is a day to feel extra special and give yourselves tons of credit because you’ve been rockin’ it, gap!

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Everyone needs a day to just get over something. Everyone also needs to nap sometimes. Why not conjoin the two and you have March 9th, National ‘Take a Nap/Get over it Day’. A great way to achieve both is to take a restorative yoga class and let yourself fall asleep. You know you want to…

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While you really are awesome, gappers, sometimes it’s important to recognize when you’re wrong. On March 15th you can embrace National ‘Everything you think is Wrong Day’ in which you’re encouraged to avoid the phrase “I think” entirely and acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers.  However, don’t use this as an opportunity to tell other people that they’re wrong… you may be missing the point.

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Remember when I told you everything you think is wrong? Well today you can forget all that because March 16th is National ‘Everything you do is Right Day’! Yes, gappers, that means you can give yourselves some more credit today because you are super knowledgeable and everything you do is awesome!

Barney Stinson is Awesome

When we aren’t busy being outstanding, sometimes we have a completely awkward moment that puts our greatness into question. National ‘Awkward Moments Day’ is on March 18th, and it would be a good idea to just briefly reflect on that one recent awkward moment…

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…and just remember that you’ll get over it. Go ahead and laugh about it; everyone else already did!

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Hey gapper, because you did such a good job of reliving awkward moments on the 18th, on the 19th you get to enjoy National ‘Let’s Laugh Day’. So today feel free to show your fellow gappers hilarious videos, like cats jumping into boxes, or cats playing with their tails, or cats in costumes. Everyone loves a good cat video, right?

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Cat playing with tail gif

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…and just in case you don’t think cats are the funniest things on the planet, I’m sure you can find something else funny on the internet.

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March 22nd is National ‘Goof off Day’, and as hard as we work, gappers, we deserve some goof off time. Feel free to hit up another gapper for some ping pong, draw some silly faces on the kitchen white board, or start your own dance party (maybe outside of the office, though).

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The 23rd is a particularly awesome National Day because it encompasses a lot of cool things. For one, on March 22nd, 1989 the planet was nearly (by about 425,000 mi) hit by a mountain-sized asteroid, and the 23rd has since been considered National ‘Near Miss Day’ (cool, right?). Additionally the 23rd is National ‘Chips and Dip Day’ as well as National ‘Puppy Day’. So gappers, find a puppy, grab some chips and your favorite dip, and feel grateful for the near-catastrophic misses and the amazing wonders of the universe.

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March 30th brings us to National ‘I am in Control Day’. We all know that Mondays can be rough, but on this day (being that it actually falls on a Monday this year) it is a day to remember that YOU are in control. Get totally pumped up to show Monday who’s boss!

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Finally the last day of the month, March 31st, is National Education and Sharing Day. At gap we love to learn and we love to share our knowledge with each other, so I can’t think of a better National day to end the month with. gappers, go out there and share your wisdom with another gapper, and if you aren’t feeling all that wise than share a treat. We seriously love treats.

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