Part of being a gapper means being a member of multiple different teams, departments, and culture clubs. These groups can encompass who we work with in our daily jobs, who we collaborate with to expand our culture, and even who we go to yoga or volleyball with. Because there are so many different groups at gap, sometimes we don’t know what goes on in everyone else's groups because we're too busy participating in our own. 

As is true with any group, there are problems and perks that only certain gappers and their fellow gap group members can really understand or appreciate. For this addition of gappy Tumblr, I reached out to other gappers to hear about all the #problems and #perks associated with some of the unique groups here at gap:

MFP Copier Team

Finding a copier contract with hardware pricing and multiple maintenance options… #copierteamperks

Oh Yes

Then finding a complete hardware and maintenance contract in Europe and realizing it's missing the name of the product… #copierteamproblems

Parks and Rec Ben Annoyed

Printer Team

Having to make a map of all the files you use… #printerteamproblems

Olaf what am I looking at right now?

But being a part of the (only) team at gap that has its own sound effects… #printerteamperks #zzhhuuuuuu

R2D2 beeping noises

Licensing and Services Team (#LAS)

Having several other gappers not fully understand what your department does…#LASproblems

Office Space What would you say you do here?

But having the fearless, super fun Katie Hess as your leader… #LASperks

Stephen Colbert Peace out

Appliances Team

Getting intense appliance envy while looking through new products…#applianceteamproblems

Iron Man I need it

When appliance vendors use packages of cheese as a unit of measurement…#applianceteamperks

Charlie How much cheese is too much

Desktop Team

When your desktop can't handle all your data about desktops…#desktopproblems

Patrick smashing desktop

When your desktop doesn't crash despite all your data about desktops…#desktopperks

Michael Scott hug

gapU Team

When you run late to get snack attack and gappers have formed a mini mob waiting for you and the Pirate’s Booty #gapUproblems

Cat feeding frenzy

When “Office Puppies” comes through the suggestion box for the millionth time…#gapUperks

Office puppy

gapCon Team

Dealing with the challenge of wanting to create an event that starts late, ends early, and is still gap's most valuable day… #gapConproblems

Let's do this

But actually creating an event where gappers and friends learn, party, and dress classy…#gapConperks

Leo Dancing fancy

gapVolleyball Team

Being part of a social league with other "beginner leagues" and averaging about 1 in 4 wins… #gapVolleyballproblems

Charlie Brown missing football

But getting to play on the beach in San Diego every Wednesday in the summer after work…#gapVolleyballperks

Spongebob steppin on the beach

gapYogi or Gym Rat Group

Having the privilege of going to a noon Power Flow yoga class or a 3 pm Point Loma Sports Club TRX class…#gapyogigymratperks

workout cat

But coming back from either class drenched in sweat…#gapyogigymratproblems

Sweaty JD scrubs

gapper Kitchen-Adjacent Desk Group

Getting to smell everyone’s lunches and/or when the fridge contains a long forgotten item of food…#kitchenadjacentdeskproblems

Grossed out Karen

Pretty much always having dibs on microwave use, treats brought in for everyone, leftover lunches from large meetings, and access to freshly brewed coffee… #kitchenadjacentdeskperks


gapper Printer-Adjacent Desk Group

Frequently being asked by confused gappers about any and all issues with the printer just because they are the closest person to it…#printeradjacentdeskproblems

Ron confused

Not having to get up from your desk to print, scan, or copy…#printeradjacentdeskperks

cat vs printer

And finally, the gap Tumblr Blog Group (AKA me)

Imagining other gappers running away from my email request for their ideas for my latest tumblr blog…#gaptumblrproblems

Conan running away

Getting to relax after sucessfully completing my 7th gappy Tumblr blog…#gaptumblrperks

Kitty going to bed for a few days