What can lay flat and be written on like a tablet, folded and read like a book, or hinged to a 90 degree angle and typed on? You guessed it, OLPC?s next generation laptop, the XO-2, and it looks to be much more than just a little computer.

The XO-1 and XO-2 belong to an organization called

whose goal is to provide every kid living in a developing country with a simple computer. Simplistic yes, but the XO-2 still offers some pretty high-tech options. Its double touch-screen functionality enables transformer-like actions, changing from a writable tablet to a touchpad keyboard in the time it takes a freightliner truck to turn into

. T

he clever XO-2?s screens can be read in daylight and the whole device only uses 1W of power. Unfortunately (see

), one factor that may complicate matters is that the XO-2 is rumored to be built with Microsoft?s XP operating system as opposed to the XO-1?s Sugar platform. (I suppose we can just be happy its not Windows Vista).

The downside? as an organization is struggling and it has been said that there is no deployment or marketing plan for the new XO-2s. Perhaps the early announcement will spur sales?

Though OLPC’s efforts are for global charities and the idea of making a computer accessible to every child on the planet from ages 6-12 is noble, the XO-2 has limitless commercial applications here in the States. Just one look at the XO-2’s colorful casings and fun designs will convince anyone that the $75 product would be a perfect fit in Target’s or Wal-Mart’s toy aisle. With a Elmo sticker on its case, parents’ credit cards would burn the registers as they bought their children a fun toy that has a very high educational upside.

Quite frankly, I wouldn?t mind getting my hands on one of these little personal computers too.

While I am on my way to see if I can make the XO-2 a commercially viable product, there are countless XO-1 models ready to be shipped to youngsters around the world. Think about being a real life Santa this year and contribute to the

program in August that enables you to match a charitable donation with a personal purchase of your own. Your kids will have the hottest toy of the year and you’ll get warm fuzzies from helping a kid less fortunate.

Let us know if you

! gap intelligence will match with a donation of our own.