Hey All!  My name is Danielle Regello, I have been working at gap for a few months now in the Laundry and Home Appliances categories, and I am loving it!

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, snuggling my adorable dog and practicing yoga. Most nights you will find me at home, glass of wine in hand, trying out recipes and testing them on my guinea pig/boyfriend. Lucky for me, Brian is always willing to try anything and enjoys his role as head taste-tester.

Brian’s favorite dinner, buffalo chicken wraps and spicy sweet potatoes

Our adorable dog, Charlie, is usually lurking around, drooling, waiting for a snack or a snuggle. Both of which I am happy to indulge him in as often as possible. He has an impossibly smooshy face and the sweetest disposition, even if he’s not all that smart.

Sweet Charlie Dog (also pictured: Toby the tortoise)

Outside of the home (sometimes in the home if I’m feeling ambitious), I try to practice yoga several times a week. I fall over pretty often, but it has not deterred me or diminished my love of the practice. All in all, I couldn’t be happier to be living in America’s Finest City and am so very excited to continue this new journey with gap intelligence.