In case the excitement surrounding new consumer electronics isn?t enough to keep you chugging through your day, a company recently introduced another way to keep your energy levels up: chips! Thank goodness. Rudolph Foods developed an energy-infused cornchip, appropriately named Engobi


ergy GO

BItes), that is said to contain 70% more

caffeine than “those little energy drinks.” (Let’s hope they’re not referring to ). Other highlighted ingredients include rice, sugar, and wheat. The 220 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 28 grams of carbs will surely be overlooked since the chips come in such terrific flavor choices including Cinnamon Surge and Lemon Lift.

You may recall, last September a company called Golden Enterprises tried to tantalize the taste buds with its own energy chip. The results of their pioneering efforts? A company warning stating that these chips are not for children or pregnant mothers much like any

at a theme park.

Outside of increasing our blood pressure, a good reason to keep an eye on Engobi is that the product is targeted towards the ever elusive Gen Y market. Their catchy brand names and eye-popping colors could be potentially used by electronics companies for stylish model names and packaging concepts. As electronics keep falling in price, more and more kids will be able to spend their allowances on them.

Are the days of semi-tasty, can?t really put your finger on the flavor, highly-caffeinated energy drinks over?…Not likely. I don?t see many people getting on the chip roller coaster any time soon.

But hey, betchya’ can’t eat just one…without shaking.