If you’re reading our blog here at gap intelligence, then chances are you probably already have a good idea of who Herbie is and what a significant part he plays in gap culture. All of us have gotten well acquainted with the little hedgehog and travel with him to some pretty far places. So recently when I planned on a little road trip up the coast I had to bring the little guy along for some R&R.

Shenanigans followed.

There was a lot of driving!

Herbie was guardian of all the snacks

Hanging out with all the elephant seals

Herbie practicing some safety

Finding inner peace at Big Sur

Taking in the views

He won’t even look at the camera….

…But who could blame him

Making friends in one of the gift shops

Claiming control of the radio

Taking a selfie with the bay bridge! Made it to SF

Now Herbie is back in San Diego, but he’s always looking forward for his next big adventure!