Hi.  My name is Herbie.  I am short.  Like, really short.  I am covered in hair.  I have the pleasure of being gap intelligence’s company mascot.  My hobbies include curling up in a ball when the going gets tough and playing hide and seek throughout the office.  I am a hedgehog and I am totally awesome!  Whenever one of the humans in the office finds me they get super excited.  I like to hang with whoever found me for a bit and shadow them.  I soak up the knowledge of their category like a sponge. 

I was hanging out in the tree next to Erin’s desk a few months ago when Katie spotted me.  I moved into her spacious office for a few weeks.  I got to learn about the fascinating world of TCO from Katie.  TCO is pretty cool!  I was super impressed with her ability to type because all of the letters are rubbed off of her computer keyboard.  I had a hard time updating my Facebook status due to this.  I am horrible at typing.  I need the letters.  I probably would have stayed in Katie’s office longer if it wasn’t for her keyboard not having letters.  After the office was empty early one morning I scampered out of Katie’s office and found a hiding spot behind a picture frame. 

I was beyond pumped when the prestigious President of gap intelligence found me.  I had the pleasure of hanging with the big cheese, President Peterson, in his office for a few weeks.  Boy, was that a treat!  After only one week of shadowing, I can confidently say that I could run gap intelligence if need be.  That’s all the time I needed to learn it all!  That’s all it took!  I bet you’re shocked, but I am crazy smart.  The best part of hanging with President Peterson is he would leave snacks on his desk for me.  I am now suffering from intense cravings for chips.  I also now have become a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan.  Hockey is so cool!

Once I felt I had learned how to run the company I decided to cozy up on a window ledge that has a beautiful view of Liberty Station.  I wanted to work on my tan.  To my shock and dismay before it was even announced that I had ran off again Erin spotted me and swooped me up.  Erin was an absolute delight to work with.  Not only did she teach me about gap’s channel monitoring service, but she also slathered my fur with deep conditioner several times a week.  She called them “spa days”.  My fur has never been softer or shinier.

I was sad to leave Erin, but I had learned all I could about her service.  I’m not going to lie though, leaving “spa days” was so hard.  I scurried off late one evening and decided to hide in a box of printer paper.  After a few days Taryn found me.  I really enjoyed learning about the wonderful world of DCV3 with her.  I even took the liberty of fixing a few bugs that popped up after everyone left the office for the day.  I also enjoyed sitting at her desk because it’s right under the AC vent so it’s nice and cool.  I get hot under all of this fur!  I made the mistake once of hopping in the freezer in an attempt to cool off.  That was a huge mistake.  It was way too cold!

As much as I enjoyed my time with Taryn all good things must come to an end.  My next hiding spot had to be a spot that few would be inclined to look.  I snuck my way into a cabinet that was viewable from Taryn’s desk.  I had never seen anyone open it.  I made myself right at home inside and settled in for what I thought would be a long pleasant nap.  To my surprise, Erin found me again a few days later!  She and I both squeaked with delight at being reunited again.  Erin came to discover my top secret location when she went on an OCD rampage and decided to place a few phone books that needed a home right where I was hiding.  So, now I’m literally hanging out on Erin’s desk chair, snug as a bug in a rug.  I am looking forward to “spa days” over the next few weeks. 

I figured since Erin is always so sweet to me I should return the favor.  So, I decided to write this blog for her since I knew she had one due.  Well, it’s almost time for the humans to start coming into the office so I am going to need to sign off.  Keep a look out for me.  You never know where in the office I might pop up next!

Herbie Gets Down