It’s been an exciting year for the ever popular Herbie the gap hedgehog, as he embarked on some thrilling adventures with not only his beloved gappers but also students from the Geology department of San Diego State University.

As I blogged about last June, Herbie accompanied me on a geology field trip where he amazed other students with his vast knowledge of the Inyo Mountains in California. Herbie got to help me map the region and enjoy a fun camping trip.

Herbie compass

herbie smores

Because of how much fun he had on the camping trip he was more than ready for another trip when fellow gapper, Laurel, and our friend Jamie decided we should take a camping trip to the Grand Canyon.  Without mapping to keep him busy, Herbie spent most of the trip fighting off large wild animals, making friends with squirrels, and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Herbie spear

Herbie squirrel

herbie scenery

After his exciting summer, Herbie spent much of the rest of the year working hard on his geology research, both in the lab and helping me on my school work.

Herbie Lab

Herbie HW

Then Herbie got another scholastic opportunity to go on a trip; this time to North Carolina with geology graduate students from San Diego State University. The students were attending the Annual GSA Meeting, and were pleasantly surprised when their favorite stuffed hedgehog agreed to join them on the trip. Herbie got to spend the trip with his favorite geology grad student, Jamie, attending short courses, representing SDSU for prospective grad students, and making tons of new friends.

Herbie working

Herbie GSA sign

Herbie Schist

Jamie and Herbie

Herbie drawn

Only time will tell what fun adventures await Herbie this year!

Herbie sunrise