Many of you already know me since I am kind of a big deal.  For those of you living under a rock, my name is Herbie the Fighting Hedgehog and I am lucky enough to be gap intelligence’s company mascot.  I live a pretty sweet life.  I rarely leave the office though so you can imagine my excitement when Product Analyst, Erin Vogelsanger, offered to take me to a San Diego Padres baseball game!  I was thrilled; though I had some research to do.

Baseball?!?!?  I had never heard of it.  So, after all of the gappers left one evening, I logged into Vogelsanger’s computer and did some research.  Baseball involves a wooden stick, a round thing called a ball, and four bases you run around.  There are teams that play against each other in a giant stadium where they serve tasty treats.  As I logged out of Vogelsanger’s computer and perched back on my desk I could hardly contain my joy.  This adventure was going to be thrilling!

Vogelsanger picked me up around 4pm and carried me to her car.  Vogelsanger wears many hats at gap intelligence including a hard hat as the company’s Safety Coordinator.  So, when she strapped on my seat belt it was to be expected.  Vogelsanger picked up her special fella, Mike Hartman, and we headed downtown for a dinner.  Downtown had so many large buildings.  I felt so tiny next to them.  Hartman was nice enough to share his beer with me and I must say I am a huge fan!  Beer is delicious.  Like really really really delicious.  As we strolled toward Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, I could only imagine what other yummy treats awaited me.

Vogelsanger and Hartman slinked down the aisle into our seats and I could hardly believe my eyes.  Petco Park was magical!  I was in awe of the bright lights and the pristine green lawn.  The sights and smells of the game were a feast for the senses.  We hadn’t been sitting there for more than a minute when an extremely helpful young lady approached us to offer us assistance in securing more tasty treats.  Hartman pulled out a tiny card, the lady swiped it, and POOF…a beer and peanuts appeared!  Petco Park is heaven on earth.  Hartman was nice enough to share his goodies with me yet again.  Peanuts are salty bits of nom nom nom.  I could eat a whole bag by myself!

For those of you who know me, I like to dress to impress.  I wear my signature “g” sweater everywhere I go.  It’s very rare that I see any one dressed snazzier than myself.  As Padres Account Executive, John Torris, worked his way toward our seats to say hello to Vogelsanger, I was dazzled by his suit.  Torris definitely looked sharp.  He was thrilled to meet me face to face.  It’s not every day that a hedgehog attends a Padres game after all.  Now that I think about it, I’m sure the reason he was probably so dressed up was to meet me!  As I said before, I am kind of a big deal.  I asked Torris if there were any plans in the works to make Padres gear in hedgehog sizes.  He said he would get to work on it right away.  Music to my ears!

I really got into the swing of things at the game.  I shared a rather large hotdog called a “Friar Frank” with Hartman as well as a cinnamon churro.  I found several comfy places to take in the sights.  My favorite spot was on top of Hartman’s Padres cap; Vogelsanger’s furry boots were plush to sit on too though.  From what I could tell, the Padres are an exceptionally good baseball team with the potential to do very well this season.  Word on the street is that the Padres looked white hot at spring training.  What I saw was quite impressive.

Despite my attempt to send good mojo the Padres way by wearing my rally cap, they lost in extra innings by two runs.  Though that was disappointing I must say all and all my trip to a baseball game at Petco Park was my most fantastic adventure to date!  As Vogelsanger secured me into her bag for the trip back to the office, all I could think is I am the luckiest hedgehog in all the land.  Not only do I get to be the world’s coolest hedgehog at an amazing market research firm, but I get to soak up the company perks as well.  I can’t wait for my next San Diego Padres baseball game!  Hooray for season tickets!