For my last big geology camping field trip I got to bring along a very special guest, the gap intelligence mascot and geologist in training, Herbie the hedgehog. Herbie was so excited for the field trip that he spent days reading up on the field trip area, the Inyo Mountains, so much so that he was much more prepared for the field trip than most of the students on the trip! Due to his vast knowledge of the area he got a first class seat in my back pack, where he could whisper answers to me while I mapped the region.

Herbie was very excited to take his first strike and dip in the field, which is a method of mapping that geologists use to understand how different rock formations are oriented and dipping.

Luckily it wasn’t all work on the field trip. Herbie got to participate in all kinds of fun activities with the other geology students, including climbing trees, chopping wood, hanging out by the campfire, and making s’mores!

herbie tree

herbie ax

herbie chair

herbie smores

Herbie also got to experience his first big snow storm! We woke up one morning to 2 to 3 inches of fresh powder that filled Herbie and the other students with joy! He got to make a snowman and a snowangel!

herbie and snowman

herbie snowangel

While learning about the geology of the Inyo Mountains and contributing to many intellectual conversations around the campfire, Herbie also made a ton of new friends, including the entire geology department of San Diego State University. He can’t wait for his next opportunity to explore the great outdoors!

herbie map

herbie and seesaw

herbie and bobby

herbie and kendra

herbie sunrise

herbie on the road