We here at gap intelligence LOVE data and we love data even more from the stores we ourselves don’t typically have the chance to visit on a consistent basis.

We recently added several new regions to our nationwide field of collectors including Tampa, Newark, Manhattan and Omaha. Naturally, along with these new regions come new stores and new data collectors. I’m pleased to announce that we now have our eyes and ears on the ground in multiple hhgregg locations across the country! For those of us on the west coast, you may be unfamiliar with hhgregg. Here’s a brief history of the retailer to get your more acquainted.

hhgregg is a publicly owned and operated appliance and electronics retailer employing over 3,000 people with locations across the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast making it one of the fastest growing retail chains around in years.  In fact, the company is growing so quickly, that it now has more locations than Fry’s Electronics and Micro Center combined! Founded in 1955, the company maintains its hometown headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

hhgregg offers specialty consumer electronics and home appliances; we’re talking everything from LED and Plasma televisions to washers, dryers and mattresses. Anything and everything electronically comprised can be found under the roof of an hhgregg. Despite market trends and a diminishing economy, hhgregg reported revenue of $1.4 billion in 2010 and continues to rapidly expand its business and store locations across the east coast often times taking over locations that once housed the now defunct Circuit City.

In efforts to continue market expansion, hhgregg has made recent strides to partner with various groups that place the retailer at the forefront of a changing economy and clientele. Now partnered with the Cellular Connection, a wholesaler based out of Indianapolis, hhgregg started rolling out kiosks across the country selling Verizon cell phones exclusively.  Also trending ahead of the times, in August of 2008, hhgreen.org debuted online as a go-to site to highlight the company’s energy efficient and ‘green’ products.  The list of community centered partnerships goes on including a Lucas Oil Stadium sponsorship (home of the Indianapolis Colts).

The electronics retailer announced a continued accelerated growth plan throughout this year and next that will include openings in Washington, Baltimore, and Richmond among the 40-45 store openings slotted for.

By including hhgregg to our panel of retail collection locations, gap intelligence continues to deliver the highest quality of research and service to our clients while further demonstrating our mission statement of recognizing the central role that business plays in our community.