At gap intelligence we take pride in ‘doing great’ for each other, our clients, and our community. When doing great for each other, we must recruit talented and dedicated employees who will give our organization the best opportunity to grow. It’s not just important to get the right people on the bus, but the right people in the right seat. Hiring A-Players is crucial for smaller businesses looking to fill those seats. Having an amazing product or service without an amazing talent pool to match won’t keep you ahead of the competition. Ask any recruiter about the importance of finding the right person versus quickly filling an empty positon. Hiring the wrong person can be the most costly mistake a company can make. It is important to take the time to weed through the masses in order to find the best fit.

gap intelligence defines A-Players as those who fit five specfic areas of criteria:

1) Core Values

Our five core values are the cornerstone of our business. It defines who we are and reflects our culture and beliefs. In recruiting the right people, it is important to ask questions that give us insight into as to whether their values align with ours.

Passion: Passion is an internal motivator. It keeps us up at night and drives us during the day. It is a powerful and inspiring force. What does the candidate feel passionately about? What inspires them to do great in their own lives?

Professionalism: Does the candidate exhibit the competence and skill necessary to fill the position? Savvy, yet humble. In short, we define it as 'A+ work, don’t be a jerk'. The concept is actually simple. It is equally important for us to find individuals who not only turn out consistent high work product, but can work well with others within their team and the organization as a whole.

Transparency: Communication is important when building and maintaining trust with others. The amount of data and details that go into our day to day operations make it absolutely vital that potential employees exhibit the desire and skills to communicate like hell. 

Willingness: As a cultivation culture, gap intelligence encourages employees to never stop learning. Doing your best, learning from past experiences, and passing along knowledge to others helps us continue to develop and grow. 

Ownership: gap intelligence’s definition is 'build a cathedral, not a wall’. We look for candidates who are proactive rather than reactive. Do they show a strong sense of responsibility for their actions? Have they learned from past mistakes? Can they work autonomously and also with a team?

2) Independent Problem Solvers

You'll never hear "this isn't in my job description" from employees who are consistently looking for ways to improve processes or provide solutions to challenging issues. A-Players use analytical skills, logic, and creativtity to come up with the best possible solutions. They are adept at tackling those problems independently without constantly running to management every time they are out of their comfort zone. We look for candidates who are able to give examples of problem solving experience in which they have identified a problem, come up with a solution, and implemented a plan with quantifiable results.

3) Team Players

Being able to work well within a team is critical to the success of many projects. Taking advantage of a group's collective energy, creativity, and skill set can accomplish much more in a shorter period of time. Successful team members know their strenghts and offer meaningful ways of contributing those skills towards the project. They do not assign blame, make excuses, or deny responsibility for their part. When a group works well together, creativity levels are generally higher, as people tap into each others strengths. gap looks for candidates who are able to give examples of how they best fit into a team as a leader, coordinator, implementer, evaluator, specialist, or a combination of skills. A-Players are able to both identify and use their strengths for the good of the group.

4) Own Their Results

Every employee is directly responsible for aiding in the success of a company. A-Players hold themselves and others directly accountable for results. They set high standards and goals for themselves. They take the initiative (proactive approach) to bring positive results. We look for candidates who have the discipline to self-motivate and focus on the task at hand in order to acheive their goals. How do they handle challenges or a lack of support?

5) Continuous Improvement

Employees who are constantly improving, consistenty do their best in all endeavors. They eagerly seek and welcome constructive feedback in order to improve processes, workflow, product, and themselves. They are also always looking for ways to broaden their knowledge through continuing education and professional development. A-Players understand that even small changes can lead to major improvements. They do not accept the status quo. We pride ourselves on being an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute. We seek candidates who share a desire to continuously make positive changes. 

As a cultivation culture, gap intelligence values growth and development based on purpose. Our people matter. Relationships matter. Decisions and work contribute to purpose. Finding the right employees to fill each seat on the bus make us successful. Hiring A-Players motivates other team members to continue putting forth their maximum efforts each day. They inspire a high level of performance and motivate B-Players to up their game.

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