As proclaimed many times on this blog, we don’t have huge reserves of marketing and advertising funds at our disposal. You won’t see television ads about gap intelligence, you won’t see our amazingly detailed market intelligence databases touted on the back of the New York Times, and we can’t afford to hire Lebron James as a spokesperson (Lebron, if your reading, I have a crisp $50 bill with your name on it). Our promotional efforts are limited, but when we do broadcast the gap intelligence name, we go all out.

Our Holiday Card has become a long standing tradition at gap intelligence.

We don’t send the bulk Hallmark card with a snowflake on the cover. Instead gap intelligence loves to use the Holiday Card to show our clients and partners the lighter side of the company.

We hope to capture our company’s unique personality and show the people behind the numbers and analysis.

The 2009 Holiday Card shoot took place last week in Balboa Park, located near downtown San Diego and home to the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

Balboa Park is one of the most scenic and photographed spots in San Diego, perhaps one of the most picturesque cities in the country. The theme for this year’s card is “Abbey Road” (thank you Christine for the idea) and we envisioned groups of four strolling across El Prado just as the Fab Four did on their famous album cover.

Below are some the outtakes from the days shoot.

If impressed with the photography, please hire Emily Sandifer of . She is an absolutely amazing artist who captured the spirit of gap intelligence.

I called this picture “Abbey Road on Steroids” as we all performed a perfectly synchronized jump.

The stunt caused such a scene that passing tourists could not help but snap pictures for themselves.

All aspiring musical groups share a common album cover theme as each musician gazes far away from the camera lens as if they are pondering a deeper tomorrow.

In the spirit of recreating a classic album cover, we posed on the roots of a massive tree for our “Boy Band Cover”. Take a deep breathe and be inspired by the vast emptiness of the skies above….

This outtake is the Abbey Road theme gone out of control.

Balboa Park is also home to the Organ Pavilion, a massive stage that is open to the public.

Katie took the mic as the “gap Rock Band” lead singer and was backed by a full chorus, dueling guitars, a sax, and drummer. Sarina, Nicole, Josh, and I took to the stage as adoring fans.

Look out for the published card this December – to request a card, please send your mail address to .