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April 14, 2020 – Creative traditional retail is trying to increase awareness to sell their goods after the lockdown by pushing flyer communication: online consultancy services, pick-up possibilities, and free delivery around their store areas.

Let’s have a look at the gap intelligence flyer promotion index: based on the lockdown calendar week 12, in the following weeks IT/Office categories were continuously advertised on a high level. This shows that electro retail properly reacted to the strong consumer demand, since the closure of schools and offices forced consumers and small businesses to an increased purchase.

Flyer Promotion Index Chart

*Index based on number of products advertised in flyers by week and release date compared to week 12 = index 100

While in week 13 IT/Office was the only category that increased in flyer promotions, in week 14 German electro retail increased flyer promotions overall, especially driven by Expert, Euronics, Medimax and Saturn, who launched their Eastern campaign.

Flyers in Germany

In week 15, prior to the Easter break the flyer promotions flattened. While IT/Office categories were still above the initial index, Consumer Electronics dropped down at a minimum level, driven by lower number of advertised TVs and Smartphones. The positive index of home appliances was majorly due to a strong increase on personal care and hot beverage makers categories, while vacuum cleaners and major domestic appliances promotions heavily decreased.

Curious how this will evolve after the revision of lockdown by German government in the coming weeks? Be sue to follow along on our gap intelligence GmbH LinkedIn