If you are a gap intelligence client, you’ve probably heard us say “we’re your eyes and ears in the marketplace“. Through our subscription-based services, we deliver GFD (great freakin’ data) and market insights to our clients. Our team of expert analysts and data specialists helps our clients make sense of ever-changing markets, and our attention to detail is what differentiates us from other market research firms.

gap intelligence’s sales department restructured at the end of 2019 and my sole focus is now account management. I am now 100% dedicated to helping every client maximize the value of their gap subscription.

What does a satisfied gap intelligence client look like?

There are a few ways to measure if a client is maximizing our services:

  • Wide Usage Among Their Organization
    • Clients maximize their subscription use by ensuring that a wide variety of people and departments throughout their organization – including marketing, product management, market research, channel marketing, sales, finance, executive management, etc. – have access and utilize the data.
  • True Integration
    • Our most successful clients integrate gap intelligence deep into their workflows and decision-making processes, and leverage all components of their subscriptions.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    • Our relationship is a strategic partnership, and gapConsulting is utilized to address challenging industry questions.
  • gap intelligence Advocates
    • Our most successful clients are happy to tell colleagues, friends, and family about us because they know how much value our services provide.

Hands holding a puzzle

How do we get there?

At gap intelligence, everything starts with understanding clients – their role, their objectives, and what their day-to-day looks like. While it would be easy to assume that we know what our customers want based on their positioning in the market, their value propositions, and what makes other clients happy, each customer has unique expectations for the ROI that they want to get from their gap intelligence services. Rather than making assumptions, we strive to understand each client’s unique expectations and needs, and provide guidance as their goals may change over time or pivot based on the time of year.  There is A LOT to learn about our clients and we would be clueless without asking really good questions that help us discover how we can add value. I love it when I can help clients realize (and resolve) a need they didn’t even know they had.

None of these things are possible without first fostering a foundation of trust for our working relationship. Open and honest communication leads to meaningful conversations.

Throughout the year, we follow a schedule to make sure our clients are getting the most out of their gap intelligence subscriptions:

  • Onboarding
    • During onboarding we do our best to understand each new user’s role so that we can encourage best practices and point them to the right gap intelligence tools.
  • Training
    • One-one-one training sessions are available at all times to ensure that our clients are on their way to being gap intelligence experts and pave the way for integrating our GFD into their processes.
  • Usage Monitoring
    • We analyze our client access and usage metrics (after all, we are a data company!) with the goal of getting to know power users better while also spotting opportunities for improvements and changes that may need to be addressed.
  • Network/Referrals
    • We welcome referrals if there’s anyone else who could take advantage of the various services offered with gap intelligence subscriptions.
  • Value-Added Outreach
    • We coordinate with the Research Group to deliver insights that are relevant, meaningful, and actionable to our clients.
    • We also facilitate market insight presentations and discussion opportunities to meet with clients on-site or through online conferencing tools.

Ultimately, the core of our job is to help our clients Do Great, which we achieve by facilitating a partnership of understanding. We need to understand our clients so we can help them make the most of their subscriptions and, in doing so, help their businesses thrive.

If your company already subscribes to our services, why not get the most use out of it? I look forward to continuing my work with our many wonderful clients in the future, and if you’re not a client already, please reach out.

For more than 17 years, gap intelligence has served manufacturers and sellers by providing world-class services monitoring, reporting, and analyzing the 4Ps: prices, promotions, placements, and products. Email us at info@gapintelligence.com or call us at 619-574-1100 to learn more.