Google has just been topped by a most useful, clever, and very much needed free application from a new company called . Launched last week, slydial has become an instant hit in uber-trendy Los Angeles, which is often a sign that the fad will spread to the rest of the mainland. With the service, users can ?dial? any US based telephone number and be put directly into voicemail. The service then sends a ?missed call? message to the recipient?s phone ? allowing you to contact a person without actually having to contact them.

Early critics of the site believe that slydial is the result of out of control social networks that have put us in touch with every human that we have crossed paths. People, they say, are in need of a break to be alone and to ponder more introspective issues like the suffering economy, the upcoming presidential elections, and where Brett Favre is going to play next season.


Slydial is pure genius and will get me out of loads and loads of awkward situations. Get a call from an acquaintance that normally talks my ear off ? slydial. Get invited to an event that I don?t want to attend, but have no good reason ? slydial. Family member needs money ? slydial.

This will be a hot stock folks. I?ll call you to give the IPO details.