Just before the holiday madness started, in 2019, I was already predicting that 2020 was going to be a banner year. New travel adventures, California housing prices would start to taper off (for all those with hopes of buying in the Golden State), and the San Diego Padres would make it to the postseason (because, you know…Brown & Gold baby). What I hadn’t predicted was a serious work injury that would leave my husband with 3 out of 4 limbs temporarily impaired.

Having said that, this is not a sob story to tell all the gruesome details of what happened or his recovery. Rather, it is a note to rave about my company, gap intelligence, and how by establishing our newest value of TRUST, I have been able to seamlessly transition from in-office work to remote work, without skipping a beat.

TWOPP Gets a New Meaning

Let’s back up a bit. About a month ago, during gap intelligence’s annual kickoff meeting, there was a lot of brainstorming around our current values. We are a values-led company and we incorporate our core values into our daily work. Our anagram for these values is TWOPP which, until recently, stood for Transparency, Willingness, Ownership, Passion, and Professionalism. We decided one of the values needed an upgrade and so we swapped Transparency for Trust, still keep the TWOPP acronym. Trust is defined as, “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.” In short, we came to a consensus that we trust in the company, our work, and each other to provide our clients with what they need. Of course this value goes beyond that to include the needs of each other and our community.

Rock Climbers

All You Need Is Trust!

This newest value of trust has been tested to every degree in recent weeks with my altered home/work life. I needed to trust that the company would let me do my job remotely while dealing with life’s curve balls. gap intelligence needed to trust that I would continue to meet deadlines for our clients. Management needed to trust that I would seek help, if needed. I needed to trust that my coworkers would come through if I needed them.

The past 5 weeks have been one of the most trying times in my life. My work hours are sporadic and are now based around doctors, surgeries, hospital visits, physical therapy, and trips to the pharmacy. Sometimes I start at 6:00 am and other days I end at 11:00 pm. I’m making it work the best I know how. What makes all the difference? Having the complete trust from gap intelligence to let me figure out my best solutions for a work-life balance.

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