While advertisers struggle to choose between The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Rehab to make viewers actually watch their television campaigns, a new report says that internet advertising is on the rise. Since the advent of TiVo and Digital Video Recorders, more and more viewers are skipping past TV commercials. The internet is growing steam as one of the most watched media platforms and with it sales for advertising are expected to reach $51.1 billion by 2012, double from what it was last year.

As the internet gets faster and the vast amount of information expands, people are watching more types of media online. Another major perk of internet video is that viewers have the freedom to watch what they want, when they want, and where they want ? their schedules are no longer dictated by the networks.

Although TV is not going anywhere, the internet is taking speed with today?s up and coming technologically savvy generation. With monitors growing in size, with higher resolution, videos are seamlessly streamed to the audience, making it possible to watch the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Montreal Canadians on a free live webcast (at work).

With TV ads, companies generally pay for their own commercials, unless they are supporting expensive, and quite obvious, product placements within TV shows. However, online advertising gives way to more opportunities, as the left or right sidebar of the site is often filled with ads.

Whether we like advertisements or hate them, think they are a nuisance or quite informative, they are not going anywhere. Click

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