gap intelligence’s Market Intelligence Services are popular for a lot of reasons.

Our clients rave about the insights in our weekly Market Intelligence Reports, depend on our Pricing & Promotions data throughout the creation and execution of their strategies, and fill auditoriums to experience our Analysts’ market presentations.

However, the customized services that we wrap around our standard Market Intelligence offerings have arguably created the most passionate gap intelligence fans. Some clients may know these customized services as inquiries, special reports, or just “help,” and despite an apparent need for branding, these customized services have been a client value home run for years.

Think about this for a moment … When was the last time you loved a product or service that you couldn’t exactly name? If you’re not a gap intelligence client that may be hard to do, but it’s a great sign for our customized services, and a clear indicator that it’s past time for gap intelligence to name them.

So we did …

Introducing gapConsulting

gap intelligence is happy to announce the launch of our new consulting offering, gapConsulting!

For the many gap intelligence clients who’ve been leveraging our customized services for years, gapConsulting should be very familiar – just a bit more structured. In short, every gap intelligence Market Intelligence Service subscription includes our full gapConsulting offering, including access to our industry and data experts who are ready to help clients understand their market and put our information and insights to work for them.

For the gap intelligence clients who haven’t been leveraging these customized services, it’s time to start benefitting from gapConsulting the way your colleagues and competitors have been for years. To give you an idea of how we can help, here is an overview of what we’ve delivered so far in 2015:

gapConsulting Delivery Formats

The vast majority of all gapConsulting jobs were analysis / research reports, featuring a mix of written and graphical content. However, we delivered plenty of data-centric reports, breaking-down and trending the information sourced from our Pricing & Promotions databases, and more than a handful of clients have collaborated with our DataOps and Developer teams to integrate our 4Ps data into their own workflows and platforms.

gapConsulting Subjects

Very few gap fans would be surprised to see that roughly half of all gapConsulting projects focused on a specific competitor or group of competitors (led by HP, as usual), followed by research targeted at specific channels, markets/industries, and product/technology segments. Not to be overlooked, a brave 4% of client requests asked us to turn our focus onto their own strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, which we’re happy to do and would love to see more of.

gapConsulting Subjects

gapConsulting Content

As one might expect, the gapConsulting jobs performed this year featured an extremely wide range of content. The most common content areas included Pricing & Promotions analysis, product strategy analysis, deep dives on specific competitors/markets/segments/trends etc., and go-to-market strategy-focused research.

And content diversified from there. Let’s just say, if you are trying to understand required feature sets in the year 2020, just ask, you would not be the first. If you’re struggling to make sense of your market share data, “explaining the why” behind sales wins and losses is one of our specialties. And if you are trying to define the characteristics of the sales reps that you rely on to sell your products or the preferences of the customers you are trying to target, we field constant requests on these subjects. Basically, our market knowledge and research capabilities are as diverse as your needs.

gapConsulting Content

As you can tell, we’re very excited about gapConsulting and if you’re a gap client, you should be too. Next time you’re trying to understand your market or working on your next competitive move, send us a note or give us a call. We’re happy to help.