My name is Danielle, I work in data ops on the home appliance team, and I am a crazy pet parent. Luckily, here at gap I am surrounded by other crazy pet parents! I should have guessed that people who are so passionate about data and business intelligence would also be equally passionate about their pets.

In addition to providing an introduction to some of our most adorable POGs (pets of gap) pictured alongside their gapper, I would also like to toss out an idea: Pet Tech as the next big thing. Products ranging from pet monitors that you can access from your phone to automatic treat dispensers that let you give your pet snacks when you’re not home. There are even wearables to help you track your pet’s fitness! The possibilities are endless… just something to think about while you scroll through all of the following cuteness.

Below you’ll find a snap shot of why gappers love their furry (and some not so furry) family members.

Jack is a giant, sweet goofball who loves nothing more than making a huge mess while enjoying his favorite snack, watermelon! Lily is a lover of tennis balls, peanut butter, and anyone who will play fetch with her.

Chowder loves going to the park, the beach, and swimming in the lake- especially if there are ducks to chase! Her favorite foods are chicken and forgotten pizza crusts.

Penny is a sweet cuddle bug who loves to lounge on as many pillows as possible. PB and Barca are always looking for fun! PB can usually be found with a ball in his mouth and Barca’s favorite activity is stealing whatever PB has and taking off with it.

Kylie’s favorite treats are homemade brew biscuits and her hobby is recycling. She gathers empty bottles and cans from around the house and puts them in the recycling. Seriously!

Thrash loves to eat strawberries and yogurt drops. He is exceptionally skilled in finding cords and is even better at chewing through them at lightning speed.

Kai and Mona are the very best of friends. Kai enjoys playing dress up, Mona loves to chase the tennis ball, and they both love to play with their favorite human, Juliet.

Charlie’s favorite activities include going to happy hour or Nordstrom and getting belly rubs. His favorite snack is whatever you’re eating, dog food is a last resort.

Jack has been referred to as the smartest dog in the world. He doesn’t bark, beg, or jump, and he doesn’t even need a leash on walks. He understands English perfectly and is addicted to tennis balls.

Rango is a super sweet snuggling machine. When he is not busy snuggling he LOVES to play in the snow.

Ellie loves to explore open cabinets and boxes, but she really loves eating- especially chicken! Samson is a gentle soul who loves to play hide and seek and doesn’t mind sharing his food with Ellie. Maya loves to play with the ball, goes crazy for lasers, and is not a fan of Sea World’s fireworks. Pancake is a Molly Uromastyx lizard who enjoys lettuce and basking in his heat lamp all day.

Lily is a love bug who enjoys snacks, going on walks, hiding her toys, and snuggling. Her signature look is the “my-tongue-is-hanging-out” and it’s adorable.

Jack is a lover of all things cheesy and delicious. He enjoys nipping at his favorite humans as they’re walking by, sitting down, or eating something they should probably be sharing with him. Like cheese.

Nana is fluffy and awesome and loves to play fetch. Her very best friend is Yuki’s 8-year old daughter, Coco.

Ollie will always be a puppy at heart. He loves long walks and going to the dog park, and he does not love vacuums or going to the groomer. Bo is an old soul who loves meeting new people and playing with his best friend Ollie.

Mia loves car rides to the park or beach, but her favorite past time is playing with her very best puppy pal, Joey the terrier.

A few of Major’s favorite things include baby carrots, air conditioning, long naps, completely destroying all toys that ever existed, and puppy play dates with his best furry friend forever, Sterling. He also enjoys hiking, but hates walking on rocks, he has sensitive toes!

Joey’s super power is somehow, probably by magic, never getting his fluffy white coat dirty.

My Charlie and Toby are last but certainly not least. In fact, some might say that we saved the “best for last.” Ok that’s me, I would say that. Charlie is 65 pounds of pure love, affection, and drool. He loves hugs, kisses, and is an excellent listener. Toby enjoys carrots, exploring the apartment, hiding, and falling asleep in small spaces.

I hope you enjoyed this quick introduction to our sweet POGs as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I’m off to do some more research on the fascinating world of pet appliances and technologies… I’m definitely going to need one of those fancy pet monitors to keep an eye on the boys while I’m at work.