Want to view all available product listings? Go to Froogle.? Want to read up on the news? Go to Google News. Want to search a database of pictures? Go to Google Images.? Want to understand the financial world? Go to Google Finance.? Want to act like an astronaut and visit Mars? Go to Google Earth 5.0.? You read correctly ? Google now enables users to explore Mars in a similar manner as they can view Earth.

The application was developed in conjunction with NASA and while it is intended for entertainment purposes, Google and NASA hope scientists will also use it to explore the vastly unknown planet.? Google Earth Mars lets users fly along the planet exploring the landscape, searching desert lands, and navigating across vast mountain ranges.

It is quite amazing to think that all one has to do to visit Mars is click on Google Earth Mars, and there they are! It was not so long ago that people barely believed that humans actually touched down on the moon.? The fact that we can now upload pictures of another planet and explore it as if it were our own backyard is quite remarkable.? If you are anything like me, we take for granted what is available on the internet.? It is as if all that information, data, pictures, and everything else just exists out there in cyberspace.? But, in fact, thousands of people are responsible for getting all that stuff on the internet for our exploration.

As developments such as Google Earth Mars become more popular, we will also forget that not so long ago we could barely call each other long distance without making a huge production, or send pictures quickly to our grandparents, or even correspond with anyone more than a few hundred miles away without waiting a week.? Who knows what Google will bring us next!!!!