gappers take data very seriously.  We comb through it with a fine toothed comb.  We analyze and agonize.  This passion for getting it right spills into all that we do.  This of course includes the MOST wonderful time of the year: gappy holiday card time!  Every year our clients wait (not so patiently) by their mailboxes for the best mail ever.  gap intelligence’s gappy holiday cards are so cool they are collected like rare baseball cards and proudly displayed year round.  Here is a look at evolution of gap’s holiday cards…

The gappy Bunch

The office was still tini tiny so this card was the perfect fit.  Preppy wear was the look.  It was simple yet fitting with smiles for miles.

Baseball & Jumps

gap stepped it up this year and hired a fancy photographer to follow them around downtown San Diego.  The crew wore baseball themed gear since many photos were taken on a balcony of the San Diego skyline and Petco Park.  Handmade props were held while gappers jumped in the air.  Little did they know but they had started a new tradition that we would see year and year over.  It’s a running joke in the office when we are looking for a new hire to have them take a jumping picture during their interview to see if they would be a good gapper.

gappy Road

The creativity of this shoot was on point.  Our CEO asked the office to submit their ideas for the theme and Christine Abuyen’s suggestion of recreating the Beetle’s Abbey Road won by a landslide.  We all headed over to Balboa Park midday and recreated the cover.  We of course jumped and jumped and jumped some more.  The end product was legit.

Top gap

Top Gun was filmed in San Diego so our next theme was a natural fit.  Top gap was shot on the flight deck of the USS Midway.  As you can imagine, this back drop was incredible.  We had so much fun running around the deck and climbing inside of the jets.  Highway to the gappy Zone took our breath away.  Pun intended.


Our CEO is a huge fan of Caddyshack so this theme was a dream come true.  Care was taken to recreate many scenes from the movie so the card would tell a story with pictures.  My favorite part of this shoot was seeing my boss dressed up as a gopher.

gap Olympics

As the holiday’s rolled around this year everyone was feeling the ‘Merica spirit thanks to the Olympics.  Each gapper was asked to show their pride and bring their best talent to the table for this gappy holiday card shoot.  We had everything from weight lifting to karate.

You Stay gappy San Diego

This theme was so perfect the office unanimously agreed on it.  The Legend of Ron Burgundy was set in San Diego so we happily embraced recreating a gapified version of it for our cards.  We roamed around Liberty Station and made our neighbors think we were crazy dressed up in ridiculous costumes.  The recreation of the fight scene as offices looked down was my favorite moment in particular.

This Year’s Theme

It’s that time of year again.  We are working hard and gearing up to shoot this year’s card.  It’s going to be gaptastic!  We will be delivered to your mailboxes very very soon.  We like the theme to be a surprise so stay tuned.