Hardly known as a PC guru or good actor,

sure can sell a camera.

in a series of commercials that pin the married man in the middle of dozens of adoring female fans.

The girls ?borrow? Ashton?s CoolPix camera to take group photos and self portraits for him to adore when they SNEAK

it back into his pocket!!!

Though Kelso didn?t inspire me to buy a camera, he did make a big splash in sales.

Two Nikon cameras highlighted in the campaign broke this week, a first for Nikon in a very long time.

As ladies buy more and more cameras, the devices will become more lifestyle accessories than the megapixel, optical zooming apparatuses us nerds appreciate.


(Ashton was a Biomechanical Engineering Major at the University of Iowa. All of my remarks are out of jealousy because his wife starred in – the greatest movie of like…..EVER!!)