The two inventors are currently using an old Kodak inkjet that they attached to a flatbed scanner to produce the images. The company is not ready to stop at lattes either as they have visions of making designs on the top of Guinness beer foam! The small start up company has yet to patent their invention or gain the $200,000 investment that they will need to produce a machine ready to sell to coffee shops nationwide.

As a former Starbucks barista myself, I will say that this is quite an extraordinary invention. Starbucks does not currently make designs on lattes, largely because of time constraints as well as the majority of customers wanting their beverages in to-go cups with solid white lids. With such an automated device however, I could see a mainstream coffee shop offering up the little extra something with your double tall extra hot two pumps sugar-free vanilla skinny latte. So, although we think customization in the coffee world has peaked as customers order their 5 minute long coffee preferences, let?s add one more thing to the mix!!

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