Course Objectives:

gapUniversity MBA To provide a safe laboratory environment in which the leadership skills of Inspiration, Accountability, Decision Making and Feedback can be learned, practiced and integrated by each participant. Participants will learn to differentiate between leading and managing; and when each is needed.  This interactive training leverages the skills of the participants with new knowledge allowing them to embody the experience of leadership (recognized as the most effective learning methodology).Course Outcomes:At the end of this curriculum the participants will:

  1. Understand how and why inspiring staff to perform produces better results than just motivation.
  2. Learn how to evaluate decisions through a filter that aligns culture and objectives that produces results quicker, easier.
  3. Bring accountability/ownership to the workplace – where people own their work and their results.
  4. Provide course corrections positively, powerfully and effectively.

    • The importance Inspiration plays in an organization
    • Why you want Accountability and not just Responsibility in your organization
    • Aligning decisions with the culture and objectives of the organization
    • Providing feedback that moves the organization forward

Guest Speakers:

All members are also eligible to attend guest speaker sessions hosted by gap intelligence’s MBA Program.

Program Starts:

June 28, 2012, 1-5pm and will continue on the 4th Thursday of each month.
The core curriculum will last for roughly one-year, but leadership education really never ends.


gap intelligence HQ
2448 Historic Decatur Road
Suite 105
San Diego, Ca 92106


$175 per month for each attendee if there are less than three (3) attending from one firm
$125 per month for each attendee if there are three (3) or more attending from one firm

*gap intelligence receives no portion of fees (we pay for our team to attend too)