Thanksgiving. Turkey Day. The fourth Thursday in November. In the consumer world, it’s the day before the biggest ad and sale day in the US…that’s right, Thanksgiving is the day that precedes…(lightning flashes, thunder claps, the sky goes gray)…

. For consumers looking to score a killer deal, collectors looking to well, do some more collecting, or early-birds just looking to start Christmas shopping the first official day it’s acceptable, Black Friday is a dream come true.

For me, it is the day that I make sure not to leave the house. I dust, I make friendship bracelets, I jump rope, basically I do anything but shop. However, this year I have decided to enter the world o’ crazies and venture to the mall in search of some sweet savings.

My goal, to purchase a new computer.

My first choice, the Apple store.

Will I survive? Not likely.

Second choice, Best Buy. Probably worse off (see video). And if neither of those work, I will to retreat back to my lair and opt for my third choice, which brings me another extremely interesting day of the year, .

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and is considered the beginning of the Christmas online shopping season. Last year, Cyber Monday resulted in a record sales volume of $733 million, up 21% over Cyber Monday 2006. The question remains as to whether 2008 will experience similar success. Quite frankly, I bet Cyber Monday will be a huge hit. Although gas prices have lowered over the last couple weeks, driving remains limited and online dealers will likely address the sub-par economy with lowered prices, crazy sales, and extra-great bargains, fueling a consumer shopping online frenzy. The downfall, it’s a Monday. A Monday after a break and I doubt many people have Cyber Monday off.

I’m all for Cyber Monday. I just hope I make it through my attempt at shopping on…(insert Count von Count music)…BLACK FRIDAY. AH AH AH!