Historians will refer to 2013 as the year gap intelligence invested in ourselves.  We pulled out every mirror we owned, held them up from every possible angle, and we captured all of our beauty….and lot of our wrinkles.  To help with our wrinkles, we brought on board a team of cosmetic surgeons (aka Software Developers).  gap intelligence now has a team developers spanning the globe and they have been diligently working to build our platforms, systems, and databases of the future.  After many months, a lot of snacky foods and soft drinks, the team has made great strides towards our vision for 2014 and beyond.

We are creating a platform database (called gapPiDB) that will give our clients the ability to splice, cut, chop, map, merge, and view our data in infinite ways.  We completely rebuilt our webcrawler (now simply called “ecom”) and can collect very granular details about millions of products at hundreds of different sites each week.  We are refreshing our retail collection tool (called the gapApp) that will enable our nationwide army of data collectors to capture more robust data even faster.  We are creating a new format to present our price & promotion market data and putting our information in API data warehouses so our clients can get a customized “all you can eat” buffet of information.

These products will be launched throughout 2014 and I’ll let you know about each one along the way.

In the meantime, the developers were able to stop just long enough to knock some easy  projects out of the way.

First, in the spirit of simplicity and security, we have combined all of our various domain names to fall under the gapintelligence.com umbrella.  Our datacenter is no longer gapdatacenter.com, but is rather datacenter.gapintelligence.com.  Our glorious TCO calculator now resides at tco.gapintelligence.com (formerly gaptco.com).  Though if you type either of these older domains you will be redirected to our new addresses, the consolidation of URLs will help simplify our product line for our clients and will reside under one bullet proof security system.

Second, we took some wrinkles out of our Market Intelligence reports with a new facelift.  The new Market Intelligence reports better represent the warm and approachable feel of gap intelligence.  We tried to give our Market Intelligence reports a simplistic design that is easy to read and navigate – don’t forget to reach out to our category analysts if you have a question or would like to get trained on our services!

The same new themes and styles of our Market Intelligence reports have extended to our Price & Promotions notifications.  Easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, you now can download our latest data and find our market insights at the click of a button.

These two new upgrades are very minor tweaks to existing systems, but I promise many BIG things are in store for you in 2014 (double promise).  In the meantime, enjoy our new URLs and especially the new format of our Market Intelligence reports.

More wrinkle cream is on the way!