gap intelligence is pleased to announce an updated version of our online datacenter that we affectionately call DCv3.5.  The latest edition gives our clients full control over all of the information that they receive from gap intelligence including our industry leading market intelligence reports.

For the last nine years, when a client wanted to be added to a particular subscription list, they were forced to contact someone at gap intelligence (me or Tom Foster), who would manually enter their information into a third party’s email generator.  This was a very boring and inefficient process to say the least and we fixed it.

In addition to giving our clients full control over what information they receive and how it’s delivered, we also gave our Market Intelligence a long overdue makeover.  How you like us now?



My Settings Video

The rest of this blog will show you the basics of how to manage your subscriptions.  If you don’t like to read and prefer the Khan Academy style of video learning, the same lessons are taught here:

My Settings Tutorial

My_Settings_Link1)  You can manage your subscriptions by visiting the “My Settings” page, which can be navigated to from the top right corner of the gapDataCenter.

2)  On your “Notifications” tab, you will see a list all of the product categories your company subscribes to:

For each product category, you will see three columns labeled “Price & Promotions Databases”, “Market Intelligence Reports”, and “Follow on My Headlines”.  Here is where you can manage what information you receive and how that information is delivered.


Let me show you, your options:

Price_&_Promotions“Price & Promotions Databases” consist of our very comprehensive Excel based spreadsheets that represent weekly, monthly, and yearly time increments.  We send our clients an email that notifies them when each report is created and available for download from the datacenter.  Now you can decide if you want to be notified when a product category Price & Promotions Database is updated at all (Never).  You also have the choice to receive a notification the second a report is available (Immediately) or if you would like to receive a daily summary of all of the Price & Promotions Databases that were updated (Once a Day).  The default setting for “Price & Promotions Databases” is “Once a Day”.

Market Intelligence Reports
provide weekly market insights and analysis in a text based format.  These reports cover everything that is happening in the marketplace and are typically delivered every Monday.  The new gives you a number of delivery options for your Market Intelligence Reports: interactive HTML based emails (HTML), printable PDF attachments (PDF), basic text formatting (Text), or never receive them at all (Never). The default setting for market intelligence reports is “HTML”.



HeadlinesThe column “Follow on my Headlines” refers to your landing page on the gapDataCenter.  Entitled “Headlines”, this landing page consists of category bubbles that display the latest information for a given market intelligence category.  You can arrange the category bubbles in any desired order or remove them entirely from your “Headlines” page.  A checked box under the “Follow on My Headlines” column will add that product category to your “Headlines” landing page.  An unchecked box removes it.  By default, all product categories are seen on your “Headlines” landing page.

New Email Features:

Our new & improved email templates add some nifty features:

Instant access to various versions of the Market Intelligence reports including online editions and downloadable PDFs (located in upper right corner).


Contact your analyst (located in upper right corner):

Unsubscribe button: (located at the bottom of each report):


We hope that you enjoy our latest update to the DataCenter and please send any and all feedback to  We hope that by giving our clients full control of the information they receive that their entire experience with our datacenter is even more enriching.

We promise that this will be the last round of changes for DCv3 and we have already begun development on the next generation gapDataCenter – DCv4.

DCv4 is gonna knock your socks off.