I have the pleasure of directly working with all of our nationwide field of data collectors and know just how wonderful and hard working each of them are. In wanting to share the experience with each of you, I figured what better way than to feature a data collector Q&A!

For our first introduction, I am featuring Susie in Las Vegas. Susie has been with the gap collections team for well over a year and has truly become part of our gap family. The analysts appreciate her attention to detail, thoroughness and have great confidence in the data that she delivers week-over-week. Beyond that, Susie has formed strong relationships with management personnel at retail locations in her area and has been an excellent reflection of gap intelligence and the level of quality market intelligence that we deliver to our clients.

Without further ado, meet Susie!

Susie (on right)

Name: Susie

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Time working with gap: Little over a year

Favorite part of the job? “I can create my own schedule and of course the paycheck! Oh yeah, and thank you for the iTouch!!”

Favorite product/category to collect and why? “Cameras, because I like to window shop at the same time and check out the new technology.”

What are a couple of things you’ve learned about retail and consumer electronics through working with gap? “I have learned that technology and model numbers change faster on certain items than others…like desktops and laptops seem to be different almost all the time.”

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know: “I moved to Las Vegas five and half years ago from the Midwest. I play darts in my spare time. My family is my two big dogs, Boone and Ozzie (both 95lbs each) and I take them hiking with me nearly every weekend. It’s hot in the summer here but I can NEVER go back to living in the cold and snow of the Midwest. You never have to scrape sunshine off your windshield!!”

It’s a pleasure working with Susie as it is with the rest of our data collections team. Make sure to check back often as we will be introducing each of our collectors over time!