A few months ago gap intelligence told the world, well at least those that read our blog or follow us on Twitter, that MicroCenter’s toner aisle was a complete disaster. For someone that visits this store each month, the process of moving all the toner boxes to find part numbers and price tags, write that info down, re-stack, grab another misplaced toner to find the price tag over and over and over again – was inhumane torture.

BUT, I am happy to report that the issue was addressed and the toner aisle looked AMAZING. Well, alright, it looked as good as a toner aisle at MicroCenter can look I suppose. The products were organized by manufacturer and like-items were grouped together. What a concept!


After – ORGANIZED!!!!!

When I was in the infamous toner aisle earlier this week I heard the floor manager say to one of the sales associates how great the re-stacked and reorganized aisle looked. I turned towards that same sales associate and seconded that motion, telling him that I visit all the time and can vouch for how great the new aisle is. His response, “It only took me three hours this morning!”

Well, MicroCenter sales guy – I appreciate the effort and am happy that I stumbled in your store the day you organized the toner aisle. Always remember, toner is a precious profit, so keep that aisle organized!