Occasionally there are certain public events a company reaches that serve as marks on the timeline when the company took a step from small firm to global powerhouse. In the 80’s Microsoft famously replaced every pillow case in every hotel room in Las Vegas to announce its revolutionary “Windows” operating system at the COMDEX Trade Show.

Apple’s “Big Brother” commercial famously pitted the grass roots computer company against the tyranny of IBM’s personal computer systems. In the same regards, gap intelligence experienced its own “Big Brother” moment just this week…… in a slightly smaller fashion.

If you are an avid a reader of BusinessWeek as I am, then you could not help but notice the back cover ad on this week’s edition:

Xerox’ ColorQube, a revolutionary concept of bringing low cost color to the enterprise workplace, has used gap intelligence’s unique copier contracts data to verify its robust claims.

gap intelligence has been mentioned in the *fine print* many times on Xerox’ website, but this week’s BusinessWeek is the first time we have seen our name on the back cover.  Mock our fine print if you must, but I ask you: “Is Google on the back page of this week’s BusinessWeek?”  I think not.

Here it is in huge print:

Though we are small and our marketing budget is limited to the fine print found in millions of magazines across the globe, the message is still loud and clear:

Nobody follows the copier industry as comprehensively as gap intelligence.*

*Our MFP / Copier Service is spearheaded by a comprehensive listing of over 13,000 copier cost-per-page service contracts. Our pool of contracts is collected from the public, government, and education sectors as well as hundreds of active service agreements from private dealers. No other company in the world, not even Xerox, has an equal panel of competitive copier contracts.

We’re not stealing headlines. We’re happy being fine print.