Back in July, our US Consumables team identified the first placements of XET (Xerox Everyday Toner) in our ecommerce channel and on Xerox’s direct US website. While the Everyday Toners are popping up more and more each month, things had been a little bit quieter on the Western European front. That is, until mid-September, when 300+ SKUs of Xerox non-OEM laser supplies were removed from Xerox DE, Xerox FR, and Xerox UK.

A Little Backstory

One of the services we provide within the EU Print categories is monthly manufacturer pricing from select manufacturers in the Western European market. As the data associate for the Europe Laser Hardware and Laser Supplies category, I was doing my monthly rounds of capturing and verifying this data when I discovered that in September, Xerox Germany, Xerox France, and Xerox United Kingdom each removed around 300 SKUs from their direct laser supplies assortments. Digging deeper, I realized that all the missing toner SKUs were Xerox branded non-OEMs, which are also known as Xerox Replacement Cartridges (XRC). The compatible printer brands included in the removal were Brother, Canon, and HP, leaving behind compatible XRC cartridges for printer brands including Epson, Kyocera, Lexmark, and OKI Data that are still available to purchase via the Xerox websites. When 300 SKUs are removed from a site, it is usually for good reason, and in this case likely signals the anticipated arrival of the new Xerox Everyday Toner line.

Xerox Everyday Toner - Toner Supplies for Non-Xerox Printers

What We Know About Xerox Everyday Toners in Europe

The first placements of XET SKUs emerged within the Western European ecommerce panel in August, specifically 95 SKUs at LambdaTek DE, FR, and UK that are compatible with HP and Canon devices. In September, the placements expanded to Cyberport DE, adding roughly 50 placements of XET supplies for Canon and HP. Although there have not been any placements for Brother compatible cartridges and there is no pricing available for any Everyday Toner cartridges from the manufacturer as of yet, there are indicators that the Everyday Toners are going to be launched on the Xerox manufacturer sites in Europe.

What We’re Seeing in the United Kingdom

On the Xerox UK site, when you search “everyday” under printer supplies, there is a list of 88 HP and Canon compatible cartridges and 8 Brother Everyday Toner cartridges with part numbers, some of which include yields. Although there isn’t any pricing available for these SKUs, they each have a product page with details about compatible printers. Additionally, when looking at “Toner for non-Xerox printers” page, all compatible printer brands show, including the three brands that had been missing from the XRC listings this month. Xerox UK shows a combined offering of XRC and XET branded supplies in their section of “Toner for non-Xerox printers”, where if you select a Brother, Canon, or HP printer, you will be directed to their XET consumables, but if you select any of the other, the XRC consumables will be shown.

Xerox UK Everyday Toners for Brother Printers

What We’re Seeing in Germany and France

The Germany and France sites operate similarly to each other and it appears that they are a couple steps behind the UK. When searching for “everyday” on these two sites, they come up empty. Additionally, while the two countries have yet to add these Everyday Toners to their regular lineup, they have interestingly removed Brother, Canon, and HP from the lineup of Xerox “Toner for non-Xerox printers” (the same three brands that did not have any direct pricing this month).

Xerox Germany XRC Availability

What’s Next

With Xerox UK in the lead in terms of removing XRC SKUs and adding XET listings to the manufacturer site, I believe that Germany and France will follow suit shortly. The XET portfolio will include cartridges for Brother, Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, and Toshiba printer brands. We are seeing the shift of compatible cartridges for Brother, Canon, and HP toward the Everyday Toner, but there are still six more printer brands that expect the refresh. The Xerox Everyday Toner line has already launched in the US and now we eagerly await the official launch of these aftermarket toners in the Western European market.

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