This past Sunday I participated in the . The route took us past the beaches of Point Loma and was enjoyed by thousands of people young and old. Our group alone ranged from toddlers to two 85 year olds!

The walk was unlike any other I have ever participated in before. Usually, everyone is rushing to get started but this walk seemed much more relaxed and family oriented. The event even allowed people to bring their dogs, which is rarer than one would think! People were strolling by and being encouraged by the excited cheerleaders along the way. I am not sure what made the walk so special, but there was definitely something in the air. Thousands of people came together in one place to support a cause they care about. With this walk in particular, you could see that it was a very special event. People were full of emotion and pride.

Following the walk, we all met back at a park near Liberty Station. At similar events, volunteers would hand out oranges or other goodies, but MS Event provided pizza and chicken fingers and tons of drinks. Nevertheless, I sat and took in the atmosphere and really appreciated all the work that went into putting on such an event. The number of donations and volunteers was astounding. I definitely enjoyed the walk and was glad I could get out and support the cause and hopefully each one of our efforts helped get a little closer to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.