Have you visited the gap intelligence offices recently? Perhaps you noticed the n00b sitting right up front smiling, hoping she’ll get a chance to sign for another exciting UPS delivery, well, that’s me, Stacey!


I’m one of the new Research Assistants here at gap working with Deirdre on the Television services. I fiddle with the ecom data that is delivered to us weekly and make sure our TV analyst has all the support she needs in keeping the report as clean and accurate as possible.

I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but moved down to San Diego in 2008 to attend SDSU. I graduated with a BA in Economics and minor in Marketing. These are both areas that interest me immensely. There’s something about the conjunction of understanding what factors influence people to buy a product and attempting to position a product to meet those needs that I find thrilling. My work here at gap is giving me great understanding of how marketing factors will affect sales, which goes hand-in-hand with my interests.

As far as hobbies outside of work go, I spend my days off hiking and hunting Geocaches. What are those you ask? They’re containers hidden by other Geocachers in urban and wilderness areas that you can find using a GPS receiver. Because these habits lend themselves mostly to daylight, when the sun goes down I go out in search of a pool hall and someone who’s not too afraid to be shark’d.