Hi Everyone!  I’m Lyndsey Love-Blue, I’m kind of a big deal so I need two last names.  No actually I recently married about six months ago and couldn’t bear to give up Love as my last name.  I am very excited to join the Gap Intelligence team and will be working in the desktops category as a Research Analyst.  Who wouldn’t want to work for Gap Intelligence knowing  they are a FINALIST in the 2011 San Diego best places to work.

Lyndsey Love-Blue striking the soccer ball

Not that I can say I am very familiar with San Diego.  I just moved to the area a few months ago from Iowa (yes Iowa) and attended Bellevue University where I was a part of the soccer team.  I studied abroad at London University (where I played more soccer) and finished second in nationals, woo hoo!  While in Europe, I backpacked through 21 countries that was an amazing experience.  Not a single country of those 21 were a particular favorite as each had its own beauty.  I recently finished my bachelors degree in the United States and will pursue my graduate degree (I love school).

Before working at Gap, I was in E-Commerce specializing in Search Engine Optimizationand also coaching soccer on the side.  I left the company to get married in North Carolina and have found my way out to San Diego since.

Outside of work I love anything to do with sports and just being very active in general.  I  run 5K’s to half marathons (I haven’t quite made enough time to train for a marathon YET).   Another passion I have is kayaking if it’s either going down the river through rapids or just a calm harbor.  I can’t forget about some of my other passions soccer, barefoot water skiing, boxing, yoga, fishing, camping, sand volleyball, and traveling well I could go on and on. Although I tend to try and not play as much soccer anymore due to being injury prone with a broken cheek bone, broken nose, torn MCL’s, and hamstring and a broken foot in three places, but if it’s outdoors and has to do with adventure I’m there!

All and all I am excited to work with a great team and learn the ins and outs of desktop computers. I can’t wait to get going!