Nicole Tebow here… oh wait, did I say Tebow? I meant Nicole Teiffel! I was born and raised in Colorado, so needless to say I love the hype that is surrounding Tim Tebow and my Broncos. I am the newest gapper here at gap intelligence and here’s my story.

I graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Business Marketing. I played for the Women’s soccer team, but never managed to make it through a whole season without tearing an ACL. After three knee surgeries in a matter of three years, I decided to hang up my cleats and live up my last year of college. After graduation, I wasn’t quite ready to jump into the “real world”, so I jumped flight with two of my best friends to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I spent four months living out of a backpack, staying in hostels, studying bus routes and not knowing what I was going to eat next. I didn’t have a care in the world. I feel blessed to have seen some unbelievable places, made some amazing new friends, and did some incredible activities. When my money ran out, I did what most everyone my age seems to do. I moved back in with my roommates, also known as my parents. Being back under my “roommates” roof, I immediately began to soak up the advantages: free food, free laundry, and free rent. I started bartending and quickly saved up some cash. That was a great lifestyle while it lasted; however, I was ready for a career change. 5 months ago I moved my life, on a whim, to sunny San Diego! My boyfriend got offered a job out here and I couldn’t let him enjoy the ocean without me =) I soaked up the beach bum life for a few months and then landed this sweet job with gap! So sweet that on my first day I was invited to the company Christmas party. Talk about getting your feet wet! It was a fantastic time and I quickly realized how great this company is. Although I have only been working here for about a month, I enjoy what I do, and continue to learn something new each day. I can’t wait to learn another excel shortcut! I feel very privileged to be a part of the gap team. Besides not living close to my family and friends, I’d say I’m a happy gapper!

Go Broncos!