Merchandising is a tough business.  Thousands of hours are spent on brainstorming and creating displays that make products stand out on shelves.  Then, of course, a company has to rent that space from a retailer (which is not cheap) and hire a small army of merchandisers to install,  set up, and maintain those card board stands, billboards, stickers, and tear sheets.  There are countless examples of great merchandising – as we mentioned in an earlier post about Beta Fish @ Best Buy – and there is bad merchandising.

….and then there is Micro Center.  Behold, Micro Center’s toner aisle!!!!

Toner is small, expensive, and very, very, very, profitable.  The margin that Micro Center could earn by selling a shoebox size toner cartridge is quite comprable to any desktop PC or television (or the acutal printer).

Organize.  Group by manufacturer and then series and for goodness sake – stick a price on there!

Make it easy for us to find that $200 toner cartridge, Micro Center.  Its worth your while.