– New cooktops and wall ovens category provides weekly pricing and promotion data –

SAN DIEGO – April 2, 2018 – gap intelligence, a market intelligence firm focused on the information technology, consumer electronics, imaging, and home appliance industries, today added Cooktops and Wall Ovens to its portfolio of services.

The new Cooktops and Wall Ovens service combines pricing and promotional data with a dedicated data specialist to help appliance industry players create winning product and channel strategies based on true market understanding.

"Our Cooktops and Wall Ovens data will provide clients with the knowledge to make smart business decisions,” said CEO Gary Peterson. "Our team serves to be an extension of our clients’ research departments and as a resource that clients can count on to answer market questions through data.”

The new Cooktops and Wall Ovens service provides 4Ps data (product, pricing, positioning, promotion) collected across the retail and eCommerce channels. The Cooktops and Wall Ovens service is available through weekly Pricing and Promotions Reports as well as on gap intelligence’s dynamic online Dashboard. The Dashboard’s cloud-based platform allows clients to create customized and repeatable data views and downloads in real-time.

A white kitchen with a cooktop and wall oven.

Click this link to view and download a snapshot from gap intelligence’s most recent Cooktops and Wall Ovens Report.

“The home appliance team launched Cooktops and Wall Ovens to provide our clients a complete view of the home appliance market,” said Data Associate Monica Mangaliman. “Our focus is to support our clients’ data needs so they can better implement their channel strategies. We bring data to life.”

The addition of Cooktops and Wall Ovens expands gap intelligence’s overall Market Intelligence services to include more than 25 industry segments including home appliances, smart wrist wearables, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, cameras, televisions,and printing.

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