Anyone ever wonder if there are other people as obsessed with their pets as us? Well wonder no longer! gap intelligence is flooded with enthusiastic pet parents, most of which would probably jump in front of a moving bus for our furry (or non-furry) friends (we do not encourage jumping in front a bus). For many folks it is therapeutic to stare at pictures of cute animals, thus for the sole purpose of helping others, I have compiled pictures of gappers alongside their adorable pets. If you've ever read Danielle Skarin's original POG blog, then you'll notice some familiar faces as well as many new ones!

Lily and Sarina

Sarina & Lily

Smallest gapper award goes to… Lily! Dog-mom, Sarina Reuschle, Vice President of Research had Lily for 14 years until she had to say goodbye to her on April 30. Lily weighed in at only 5 lbs but Sarina says, “She was the sweetest and spunkiest friend to me and my husband and we will miss, love, and remember our little old lady forever."

Bella and Michael

Michael & Bella

gapper Michael Bousquet couldn’t help but to adopt Bella after discovering she was picked up from the side of a highway where she was left in a plastic bag!  Thankfully, Bella now lives a gappy life with Michael in OB, enjoying walks on the leash and Fancy Feast on the reg.

Sandy and Cookie

Sandy & Cookie

HR/Office Manager, Sandy King, wrote a haiku about her little furry loved one:


Looks are deceiving

Bark! Bark! Large dogs be aware!

Tiny one with white hair

Monica, Champ, Sabine, and Rex

Monica & her Doggies

It’s safe to say Data Specialist, Monica Mangliman has her hands full at home, especially when taking care of her youngest, Champ and Rex who are only three years old. Don’t let Sabine fool you though, she may look tough but the 11 year old thinks she’s much smaller than she is and sure does act like it.

Deirdre and Clipper

Deirdre & Clipper

Senior Analyst, Deirdre Kennedy, rescued Clipper in the beginning of 2018.  Weighing less than 10 lbs, Clipper has a ton of energy; he loves running long distance with his mama (record is 8 miles!), hiking, and eating hand lotion.

Scott, Maya, Boshek, Frankie, Ellie, and Pancake

Scott & his Pets

Senior Analyst, Scott Peterson pictured with his adorable Shiba Inu pups, Maya (7 years old) and BoShek (2 years old). There’s also Ellie (7 years old) and Frankie, a 1 year old Siberian breed who is also the daughter of the cat that starred in the 2016 movie "Nine Lives". Lastly, the oldest of the group, a 20 year old Molly Uromastyx lizard named Pancake who enjoys eating delicious dandelions and basks in his heat lamp all day.

Valerie, Louie, Pumpkin, Kemp, and Baby

Val & her Pets

Industry Analyst, Valerie Alde-Hayman has got herself a full house as well! Val claims Louie was raised by his kitty siblings, Kemp and Pumpkin. She says, “The trio can be found eating each other's food, playing tag, and cuddling. Baby doesn't care for the three too much, but he likes to keep a close eye on them.”

Kristina, Joey, and Gypsy Danger

Kristina & her Pets

Data Specialist, Kristina Broome got her maltipoo Joey when he was only four weeks old! She admits that he's the real reason she gets out of bed so early…typically jumping on the bed and barking until someone takes him on a walk. Kristina and her boyfriend got their kitty for their anniversary and named her Gypsy Danger after the Jaeger in Pacific Rim. Kristina says, “The real joy of having Gypsy around is watching him stalk Joey and pounce on him when he's not looking. But Gypsy's extremely clumsy and sometimes launches himself too far.”

Danielle, Jonesy, Charlie, and Toby

Danielle & her Pets

Product Specialist, Danielle Skarin takes care of her 11 year old best friend Charlie and 10 month old kitty Jonesy. She is also mother to Toby the turtle (Bat-Turtle) for nine years but thinks he’s probably 100 years old.

Kim, Barca, Penny, and PB

Kim & her Pets

Data Team Lead, Kim Plavan has herself a full house as well! Kim adopted Barca & PB four years ago after they were abandoned at a shelter at just two years old. Penny is her 8 year old dachsund/cocker mix which she got as a puppy – the cocker and the dachsund parents were neighbors! Kim gets the whole gang together once in a while for a little family reunion.

Joanna, Stefani, and Oliver

Joanna, Stefani & Oliver

My lazy boy, Oliver! Even though he’s seven years old, he’ll always be my baby puppy. My parents got Oliver as a surprise for my sister, Stefani  (also a gapper!) and I when he was just a 2 month old cotton ball that fit in the palm of my hand.

Best at gap

Gary, Lisa, Jake & Chris and their Dogs

Here are some awesome shots from our 2017 Holiday Card photoshoot featuring: VP Sales & Marketing Jake Fishman with Mona; Industry Analyst Lisa Brown with Mia; CFO Chris Barnes with Rusty; CEO Gary Peterson with Jack. 2017 gap intelligence Holiday Card. Okay, we may be a little dog-crazed (I warned you) but we sure know how to rock a Holiday Photoshoot! Playing with everyones dogs and having my little pup by my side at work was very therapeutic…distracting but therapeutic nonetheless.

gap intelligence 2017 Holiday Card

Herbie the Hedgehog

Herbie the Hedgehog

Of course we can’t leave out gap’s very own loyal pet of 15 years, Herbie the Hedgehog! Herbie represents our company's "hedgehog" which is "We bring GFD to life". We adopted this philosophy from Jim Collins' book, "Good to Great", where he uses the help of a hedgehog to describe focusing on just one business practice to achieve long-term success and growth. What does that have to do with hedgehogs? Well hedgehogs are really good at one thing, protecting themselves against predators by curling into a ball exposing their spines; these spines represent our competitive advantage which is Great Friggen' Data! I think it's safe to say if it wasn't for this little guy, we wouldn't be where we are today!

That's a Wrap

There you have it! As you can see, gappers are very passionate about their pets and feel very forunate to be able to share this passion for animals with one another. Hopefully this blog was as mentally beneficial for you to read as it was for me to write! If not, I recommend googling “cute puppies”.

Lily Reuschle 2003-2018

This blog is dedicated to Lily Reuschle 2003-2018

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